Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Birdy Love

Editor's Note: Yay, 200 posts, I'm so 'cheong hey'!

This morning, as I drove to work, I nearly ran over a magpie. You know, those delightful songbirds with black and white plumage that are quite common in Malaysia; except in areas where the crows have taken over.

Anyway, it was already dead; it was just a ball of black and white feathers rolling slightly every time a car zipped by. No doubt it will become a patch of blood and bones by the end of the day.

What actually alerted me, was its mate at the roadside, which was hopping back and forth with a concerned expression. From my rear mirror, I could see that each time the road cleared, the dead bird's partner would hop out and nudge it. I was sorely tempted to stop my car and take a movie of it but it was a busy stretch and I was on the way to work. Anyway, it's already been done before.

Seeing this familiar scenario raises disturbing questions; how deep is the extent to which animals are capable of thought and feelings?

Maybe, if more people considered this, they would think twice before abusing their animal neighbors. But then again, man has never been known to be a truly considerate beast; even to his fellow men.


zeroimpact said...

I would say that animals would have more love or would I say know how to love than some of us humans
They are more humans in so many ways when we are more savege or beast or animals in so many other ways too

poohbearee said...

Wow liao!!! U r really a v deep person.

savante said...

Oh. Thank God you didn't run over the pigeon - and the mate too :)

Jonzz said...

zeroimpact: yeah, animals are so trusting and innocent unlike humans, with our propensity for suspicion and nastiness.

poohbearie: yes, i think it comes with the genes.

savante: Ugh, I don't relish the thought of animal entrails lacing the tyres of my cars. I think I will have to wash it several rounds before I feel clean again, not the car.

JoMel said...

Couldn't agree more with that last paragraph there.

Wuching said...

poor little birdie!

me said...

that was so touching of the birdie. sighh! i hate seeing things like that, will make me feel sad for a little while.

Jonzz said...

jomel: heh.

wuching: at times like this, we should be thankful we're not birds.

me: ya, i saw pictures on thru email once. Never expected to see a live demo.

Annie said...

You went back and ran over the mate? *gasp!*

oh, wait. I read that wrong.

Phew. Sheesh Jonzz.. you got some dumb birds - no wonder they're getting run over.

Stay off the road !!!

Gosh, I'm such a bitch.