Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Death of a 'Hush Puppy'

Editor's Note: It seems like I'm blogging a lot about animal deaths these two days. I assure you it's just a coincidence that these things are happening around the same time.

It was 11.00pm yesterday. As usual, I was huddled in front of the desktop, burning the boring hours away, 'yakking' on MSN and surfing. Then I heard my neighbor calling me. She wanted to borrow a shovel.

When my neighbor borrows a shovel at this unholy hour, it can only mean one thing: Which dog died? Well, you could be naughty and suggest, maybe she discovered a treasure chest in the garden. Yeah right . . . . . . . . . Dang . . . I should have thought of that!

Nah.. actually it turns out her beloved Basset Hound had died on the operating table during a cancer operation. Remember the adorable dog in the Hush Puppy ads? That's a Basset Hound. Except the one in the advertisment is a puppy. Trust me, adult and overweight Basset Hounds are not that pretty.

So I was thinking, if the dog died at the vet's, you could actually ask him to help you bury the dog. However, my neighbor chose to bring back the body and bury it in her garden. It was by no means, a small dog and my neighbor is a lady. Shovelling in the middle of the night with her parents... the extent to which some people will demonstrate their love for their pets.

People are such sentimental beings. I probably would do the same if I were in her shoes.


mott said...

so..did u help in the shovelling bit?

poohbearee said...

Oh...I din noe can bury animals in gardens.

Wuching said... me, i bury my dead fish in my backyard. its a pet cemetary out there!

Kok Hon said...

poohbearee: you didn't know? I personally buried a few of my pets in my garden. Want me to dig up its skeleton for you as souvenir? :p

me said...

the thought never crossed your mind that she was burying a dead family member which she 'accidentally' extinguished?

Las montañas said...

pooh: the bones add to the potassium and phosphorous content of the soil which in turns nourish your flowers!

poohbearee said...

Kok Hon and LM:
Thanks for the info. BUT I do not have a garden anyway ;p

FireHorse said...

Hop over via LM's blog, sigh, some times pets make better friends than humans, at least they love you no matter what and will always listen to your troubles.

Jonzz said...

mott: no, i didn't felt like intruding and honestly, i haven't had much experience in shovelling at midnight.

poohbearee: if it's your garden, why can't you?

wuching: lol!

kok hon: why don't u start a souvenir shop in our museum =P

me: lol, accidently extinguished.. no lar it was suffering from some growth.

LM: hehe... trust you to come up with a plant solution.

PB: ha ha

firehorse: Hello! pets make good companions. I wouldn't go so far as to say they can substitute friends cos they can't give you advice and feedback.

Annie said...

You actually have a category called "DEATH" - good grief. I must be careful around Jonzz.

Do you islanders NOT cremate dead things? Sheesh, isn't there a space issue in your neighborhood?

*shudder* dead dog in the garden and not even cremated. *shudder*

Besides, feng shui or whatever says it's unlucky to have dead or human animals' remains in the house or around where you're living.