Thursday, January 4, 2007

Email Harassment

I don't like to 'bitch' about work but today somebody pushed my buttons till my temperature gauge went past boiling point. Way past boiling point.

Firstly I would like to explain a concept which I will just call 'email harassment'. Generally, it's a politely disguised email meant to harass the service stuff like IT technical stuff into resolving their problems as soon as possible. The nature of such an email are the usage of bombastic and intimidating terms like 'datelines', 'expedite' and 'urgency'. The power of the email lies in the number of big hats, you CC or 'ding dong' the email to.

Today in the innocent hours of the morning, I received one such distasteful email. Firstly, I work in a pretty small organization. Everyone is literally within easy walking distance. The problem involved a personal computer which was supposedly NOT functioning. So, I went to attend to the problem. Meeting the complainant, I was given 'extra' instructions about how to do my job but I had better resolve the main problem first. So I went to the PC and turned on the power and guess what, a working PC with no problems!

I nearly vomited blood. What would you do if you were in my shoes?


poohbearee said...

Hmm..looks like I am pretty much on the blogosphere these days. Am the first to comment here.

A working PC with no problem?! The complainant finding excuses to see u or wat? LOL.I would politely make sarcastic remarks to make the person look foolish. Wat u did?

As for the "email harassment" thingy, I think I am guilty of that. But mayb cos I work with external people. Am trained to protect own company n self, therefore everything must put on records, with discretion of course.

Annie said...

Personally I would have vomited this morning's breakfast all over the complainant's outfit.. "Ooops! sorry?"

"usage of bombastic and intimidating terms like "datelines", "expedite" and "urgency". ???? Mmmm... I need to write these down. It must have worked! LOL! My Meanie Annie terms to use are:

"Sooner rather than later, mmkay?"
"Life or Death yada yada yada"
"This is unacceptable"
"I don't appreciate blah blah"

Then if all those meanie intimidating terms don't work, I go for the innocent "help me, I'm hopeless" email... batting the eyelashes is optional of course.

"To Whom It May Concern,
I'm an idiot, I don't know a THING about computers, I would be in your debt if you could come out to my workstation this early morning hour and help relieve me of my frustrations. I'm desperate and could use your fine expertise to assist me." Yours truly, Annie.

and when the IT tech comes to your desk. You SMILE, bat the eyelashes, hug his arm and say "Thank you for coming to my rescue! I don't know what I would have done!"

Annie said...

I'm rereading my comment there Jonzz and I had to laugh, I've done that so many times, it really works.


Jonzz said...

Poohbearie: Aiks, you've become a night stalker.

Annie: From today onwards, I thank God that you're not one of my users.

Las montañas said...
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Las montañas said...

Do you get things like these?:

cc: VP, IT support, CIO, Director, Asia Region, Director Americas,...

Subject: IT support services

I cannot help but bring your attention to the poor and sad state of IT support services in the company!

The IT guy who came to fix my PC was incompetent to say the least! He didn't even make it an effort to understand my problem! I told me repeatedly over the phone that my PC wasn't working; he said he'll come over to check it. I waited for an eternity before he sauntered in (I'm just curious, doesn't your department has any proper dress codes? he was in some tattered jeans and sneakers!) and nonchalantly fiddled with my PC.

I didn't know what he did, but a few minutes later, he told me there was NO PROBLEM with my PC!!! Now do we have some interesting personalities, people who think they are better than anyone else!

I strongly suggest that something to be done with our IT services!

Jonzz said...

LM: OOoooo, is that a real mail??!!

me said...

kakaka. no. he made it up just for you. *grins* i suggest to print that man's photo, pin it up and use it as a dart board. yehhhhhhh!

mott said...

Maybe that guy was embarrassed to send such a stupid mail, since his PC was working without problems.

For me, I will personally call my IT support, tell him in manglish to PUH-Leaseeeee help me out..tolong (10x). My guys wud normally help me out becoz I bat eyelashes at them..and becoz I female. KAH KAH KAH!!! Ahhh..those were the days!

Annie said...

To: I.T. Support Staff
From: YOUR C.I.O.

It has come to my attention the motivation to attend to urgent matters is lacking in our staff. It's also been pointed out to me the sloppy manner in which our staff represents itself and the dissatisfaction in our customer service skills.

These are my proposals:
1. Meetings in the morning.
2. Meetings in the afternoon
3. More meetings to discuss these issues.
4. A possible company-wide survey
5. A meeting to discuss these surveys.
6. A report to summarize surveys.
7. A meeting to discuss reports and how to distribute them.
8. All I.T. employess are required to wear professional dress.
For men: pressed shirts and tie.
Women: very short skirts, high heels and low cut blouses.

9. We will also distribute satisfaction surveys to be completed after each job is done to ensure customer satisfaction.

Are we clear staff?

See Jonzz, your world could get a whole lot worse.

Just thought I'd mention it. :D

Jonzz said...

poohbearee: i too have been on both sides.

annie: you're scary, LOL

LM: that's it. Letter censorship for you, Monty!

me: *thunk!* Bull's eye!

mott: sigh, it's not a guy and it was a public pc.

Annie: LOL!