Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Golden Tree

This happened just last week. I was coming back from work as usual in the evening around 6.00 pm. If you have noticed, Malaysia is blessed with a myriad of colourful skies, from dawn to dusk. Today, the evening sun suffused the housing area with a beautiful golden hue.

I got down from my car to open my house gate. Looking up for a moment, something caught my attention. It was the durian tree at the back of my neighbor's house.

It was a magnificent sight. Highlighted by the setting sun's rays, the tree seem to have taken on a new appearance. The branches and leaves of the trees glittered and sparkled as though they were made of gold, silver and bronze. Wow! Instinctively, I whipped out my phone camera to try and capture that stunning image.

I've never really taken notice of durian trees before. I mean, what are durian trees good for, except to produce tempting durian fruits for diehard durian lovers. It's so strange that viewed under a different light, the tree can become so enchanting.

I guess the same goes for the way we view life and people. If we are optimistic and always seek the good in everything, things becomes a little brighter, a little better and more beautiful. Seen through the eyes of negativism, depression and partiality, the world and its inhabitants becomes a dark and dreary place, simmering with trials and troubles.

I reflect on this more from the angle of friendship. If you truly love and care for someone, you will inevitably find the good in them. Their flaws will be overshadowed by the light of your friendship. If however, you have been deeply hurt and disappointed, you might end up treating friendship with suspicion and mistrust, expecting ulterior motives behind people's actions and compliments.

My camera has failed to capture even a fraction of the glory of the original image I saw. According to a friend, the naked eye is able to perceive ever-changing images with ease, far beyond the capabilities of any man-made camera. He also mentioned filters and other photography know-how which is far beyond my comprehension. Sigh.

My enthusiasm for procuring a more powerful digital camera has been rejuvenated. How can I capture this image? Does anyone know a digital camera model that can capture such images with ease? If so, let me know.


Las montañas said...

Good camera? I also looking for one. I intend to take lots of macro shots of my orchids... and was told that a digital SLR (getting one means that I'd have to eat from hands to mouth) is pretty good.

you are taking a durian tree for granted. You should be now taking a renewed look at the forest trees in malaysia. LIke the Shoreas, Dipterocarpae (local names: meranti, keruing...)

poohbearee said...

I am pro-Sony.

Get T-10. But is not a SLR.

Las montañas said...

Looks like jonzz lives in a HUGE house surrounded by nature!

can we have tea in your garden? or perhaps have stroll on your manicured lawns?

Ianfluenza said...

Well described man... Thumbs up for the writing... I'm intrigued...

poohbearee said...

Can Jonzz pick Monty and I up in a limousine to visit his estate?

*sorry. i am going insane*

zeroimpact said...

Whenever we look at things optimistically, then there is hope and there is good
Nothing beats the human as we have almost the best of anything that we have created but of coz, no competition to nature
Learn to be optimistic and life will be hoppier, isn't life meant to be that?
As for capturing the moment, the best is the human eye and mind, what else can you ask for?
Any camera would do actually, just need the right equipment to make it easier

Kok Hon said...


sbanboy said...

Dear jonzz,

Erm came to blog as jimbo told me about you.

About taking that kind of shots ... you will need a dslr. The Canon 350D is now just going for about 2.5 K. The Nikon D40 is about 2.4K and the Sony A100 now is going for about 2.9 K. You can also join a forum like LensaMalaysia to check out their shots and to learn from one another.

Yup sometimes the camera cannot capture the magnificance of God's creation.

I have a 350D Canon and I am still learning how to use it. Maybe we can learn together.

Ok take k ...cheers

Las montañas said...

nikon D40... memorized in head. :)

Annie said...

Pah! That's a tree photograph taken in New Jersey if I ever saw one.

You don't fool me New Jersey Jonzz!

Wuching said...

lucky u..u must get free durians all the time!

kyels said...

I really does look like a golden tree. In which it somehow reminds me of the enlightenment of Siddharta Gautama under the Bodhi tree.


JoMel said...

I know nuts about photography but ah tak at ahtak.blogspot does. Ask him.

I know I love durians though. ;)

FireHorse said...

Eh, Jonzz become pokok observer ah?
Jokes aside, you make a very valid point regarding how we look at life, there is beauty in most things if only we allow ourselves to see it thru non-judgemental eyes.

poohbearee said...

Jonzz: Just noticed that you said u get to go home by 6pm. Wat kind of wonderful job is that?????!!!!! Short working hours. How nice!

Jonzz said...

LM: I want a new digital camera!!!!! I don't care about the trees... *oops*

PB:Why? Why? Why?

LM and Poohbearie: You guys are so gullible. Never underestimate 'The Magician'. I only live in an igloo.

Jonzz said...

Ian Thanks for the compliment, man!

Poohbearie: Never mind, I'm sure Monty will gladly send his limousine over to take you to Hospital Bahagia where you can be happy and insane!

I cannot be optimistic lar. Too much negative blood cells. Oops, is there such a thing? The next best thing I can manage is being crappy.

And noooo... not any camera will do. My camera is so ancient like century egg.

Kok Hon: Let's go makan durian!!!

SbanBoy: Thanks for the technology update!

Jonzz said...

LM: someone else I know doesn't have a high opinion of that camera Nikon D40.

Annie: Nah I can't be in New Jersey. I only want to go to Seattle and eat sushi!

wuching: I wish and I wish but my wish didn't come true!

Jonzz said...

kyels: Wow, I bow to your superior imagination. I only saw a gold tree but no Buddha.

JoMel: Thanks for the info!

firehorse: Well, it's much easier to say things than to put them into practice sometimes.

Poohbearee: It's called a 'You work less, You get paid less' job.

Bernard said...

A video camera will capture the glitter and sparkle, eh?

Or... as you have done... take a pic and describe what your eyes perceived and what your heart felt.

Thanks for the sharing it... however you do it.