Sunday, January 28, 2007

Human Candle

Yeah, you must be wondering why I put that title. I can't come up with a better idea today.

Anyway, I was songleading in church today and I realized how much my passion for doing this has fizzled. I used to have great plans and ideas everytime it came to my turn doing this task but today it has become just another routine. How sad... Just like a candle, my passion has burnt out.

This also extends to other areas in my life. Today, I seem to quote the word 'Bored' or 'sienz' with increasing frequency. I find it more interesting watching younger people rush through their lives, expressing their desires or love for things and interests I once found similar pleasure in.

LOL, I seriously sound like an old goat.

Ah, the fickleness of the human heart. Who or what can cure it?


poohbearee said...

Haha...I am the first to comment.

Good grief. Human candle?

I need the cure myself. Tell me if u hv the ans then.

kyels said...

May tomorrow not be sien for you!


zeroimpact said...

My human candle has another meaning
Anyway, don't be too hard on yourself, thing will be better
Very soon

742 said...

Why not think the other way - when you often are sienz, it means you've answers for many questions in your life ady, rite? So you nonit to go explore here and there lo. Of cos sienz la!

Btw, human is human. They are smart cuz what they have is creativity.

Ianfluenza said...

If you begin to feel more and more like a human candle, it is time to upgrade to a human torch! LOL!

Oh I'm so glad you actually are aware that you've been quoting those two words ever so frequently... Hehe... Play Neverwinter Nights man! HAHAHAHA!

Annie said...

A bottle of Jack Daniels can cure anything Jonzz


Then there's always Ian's suggestions "Have a Kit-Kat"

me said...

ppl grow and change. can you imagine how boring you will be if you are standing still forever? so, chuck that old thing and go do something new, discover your new passion. otherwise you are not living.

Las montañas said...

yep, take up scuba diving and gunung climbing!

aim to be Mr. Universe by going religiously to the gym.

JoMel said...

nobody and nothing can cure it! If you can't beat them, join them! Be as fickle, as unpredictable! ;)

Jonzz said...

poohbearee: looking, looking, looking, read on... LOL!

kyels: Ooo, thanks!

zeroimpact: Yup, hope things will be better soon. By the way, what does your human candle mean?

742: That's a very interesting observation.

Ian: Human Torch!!!! LOL! Yes, I will get Neverwinter Nights.

Annie: Munch! munch! Sorry only have potato chips and green tea. LOL!

ME: looking, looking, forever looking... lol!

LM: Scuba Diving? Wah mahal! Mountain climbing? Eh, a bit scared of heights, lol! Mr Universe... dowan lar after if never maintain, grow man boobs.

jomel: Yes, I agree. Do you have any suggestions?

sbanboy said...

Sometimes taking a break from doing all the routine things ... even things like serving God ... helps to rekindle the passion. It had happened to me before ... I had to take a break and seek Him.....and He rekindled the passion.