Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Meeting Ian (First version)

As my blog entry title states, I went to visit Ian in Ipoh on Monday and came back last night. One new year resolution down... Travel, maybe meet with bloggers down south... aiks, I said south? Dang, Annie's gonna get me on this one...

Anyway, I departed up north on Monday in the wee hours of the morning, 6.45am to be exact. Grabbed a batch of freshly-made 'siew pao' from Seremban as a courtesy.

It was a lengthy four hour drive from me due to number of 'rest-stops' I took along the way. My first two hours of driving was unbearable, I kept feeling like dozing off. After that, my body somehow adjusted to the conditions, and the rest of the trip was relatively, smooth sailing. It was a bit too early for Burger King's at the Sungai Buloh Highway Restaurant, to my dismay, but hey, I'm gonna be gorging on Ipoh goodies so I let that slip this time.

Word of caution: it is better to take an escort with you for company and to keep you awake on long drives. Or make lots of stops. After my previous 'A Close Brush With Death', you'd think I've called off the trip. Nope, not for me, life is far too short for such fear and regrets.

I arrived in Simpang Pulai about 11am as estimated and by some sheer twist of fortune, parked directly next to Ian's car. Talk about being psychic, (boast... boast... boast...) Hey, it is my first time driving alone to Ipoh, an unfamiliar town. Anyway, thank God.

Well, basically, my time in Ipoh was spent eating, relaxing, hanging out and chatting with Ian. I find the food in Ipoh leaning towards the sweeter side. The famous chicken rice and taugeh, well was different. The chicken is very smooth in texture and lightly flavored. The other item that stands out in my mind was the Ipoh white coffee. The kopitiam version that I tried here was super sweet. I wonder how much condensed milk do they put inside.

How does Ipoh compare to Seremban? A few things come to mind. Spacious. The houses that I've seen are big or have big compounds. I couldn't quite get the hang of the map layout or roads most probably because I was chauffeured around =P. The pace of life here is much slower and more relaxed. I have to agree with Ian that local drivers are terrible with signal lights; they either don't signal or give misleading signals to indicate turning. We had trouble turning into other roads because most of the drivers insist on stopping in the yellow box. Where is the road courtesy?

I'm not gonna go into further details here. I'll probably edit this blog and add some pictures later.

Some of you would probably wonder how I find Ian in person. He is a great host and quite a gentleman. He is very considerate towards his friends and family. His views do not differ much from his blog entries so I had no jarring impressions.

We had a little discussion about blogging and one thing that was highlighted was that you cannot really know a person from their blog entries. Basically, it's not a wise idea to form an opinion of the blogger especially through individual entries. A blog basically reveals facets of the blogger's character as he or she chooses to reveal. It can be likened to being given pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle. You can't really see the whole picture.

Having said all that, I must say that having the opportunity to meet a fellow blogger is a thousand times better than reading about them online. Anyway, I'm very grateful to Ian for making time out of his busy schedule of appointments to 'layan' this joker. Thanks, dude!


Annie said...

Awe! BRAVO! BRAVO! Heck, I thought you guys met a long time ago. That was my impression.

and yes Jonzz, you get one lash from my whip for going North instead of South unless you got dizzy and couldn't read maps, which I can see that happening since you ARE A MAN.


Ok.. let's see some pictures!!!!!

A huge jigsaw puzzle? Better watch who you call "HUGE" buddy. Some of us are not that huge, but yes, I fear when people meet me, they say "Who the heck are you?" Yes, it's me. I'm Annie. Sometimes blogging can bring a hidden side out of people that they can't expres in public.

Blogging is art. and Art saves lives.

Las montañas said...

The people you come into contact with, and the friends you've made, do not happen by chance.

You found Ian through my blog right? ;P

Seriously, the LORD has put friends in our lives. And all for a purpose known according to His will only.

The NS highway to Ipoh is super boring lah! until you've reached Tg Malim and the hills/mountains start appearing on the horizon.

Hey! I have to say I also drove through Ipoh too. Don't think the drivers there are rude lah, compared to some in JB/KL. It is a slower pace of life there.

Yeah, 4 hours is quite a drain on the alertness of the driver. I drive from Singapore to Malacca also feel abit tired oledi and it is only 3+ hours or around 200+ km or 100+ miles. Bet annie will laff at us for being wimpy long distance drivers!

poohbearee said...

Ipoh is south of Seremban? Sorrie...I don't know my Geography well;p

I hv not met any of my blogger frens before so I dun know how it would be like. But just don't call me Pooh if anyone of you were to meet me.

poohbearee said...

Oh...n I wanna add all the people I met thru blogging is from LM's blog. Including you, Jonzz. So what does that mean? LOL

Jonzz said...

LM: oklar I have to give u credit, almost all the people I link to have been thru your blog. The only 'grievance' I have is that you remain the most mysterious of them all.

Las montañas said...

kekeke.. LM moves in mysterious ways. ;) look! he's there!!

Jonzz said...

LM: gosh, seriously, when are u dropping by NS for your orchid resupplying or auntie meetings, he he he...

mott said...

wah...meeting blogger for first time is like being on a first date with zero pressure to look good.... ;-)

titoki said...

Is Ian hairy? ;)

I'll know tomorrow anyway.

*Ngek Ngek Ngek*

Jonzz said...

mott: LOL!

titoki: LOL! you will find out soon!

Jonzz said...

Annie: I'm not sure but I think I knew you before Ian.

Poohbearie: ask LM to buy you a Malaysian mapbook as a gift. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone... unless... you already know *wahahahahaha...*

Las montañas said...

jonzz: she dont need a mapbook. she just needs to step onto the causeway and do an amazing race in malaysia. Then she will get to know places.

poohbearee said...

Jonzz: Know what???

LM: I dun do amazing race unless there is competition n a prize at the end of it ok.

I go and find out where Seremban is later.

Annie said...

iPoh, Seremban, Malacca, Malaysia - it's all a bunch of foreign words to me. I need a map too - you're all islanders to me..kakaka

Jonzz met Annie BEFORE Ian! *dance* I win I win.

Monty's right - you're all a bunch of wimps - drive 4 hours-fall-asleep. Sheesh. No music involved in these long-distance driving?

Well, I didn't know ANY bloggers until I started reading Dr. Paul's blog and I met him through bookclub. Then I started my own blog and Wolfie found me, then Monty commented about my 9/11 tribute and I checked out Monty's blog and there you all were. OH! I remember, Jonzz visited me for the first time and commented about the "V for Vendetta" movie.

Monty's right about one thing - we've met by fate.. Annie is in your blogging life to unleash hell and make snarky remarks at all of you. It's my single most mindless entertainment I have - to poke at people. Bah hahahhahaha

Las montañas said...

Thank you annie! even for that, we really appreciate you. :P

Annie said...

*unladylike snort*

SO! Who's older (besides Annie) IAN or Jonzz?

Who's got the biggest gut: Ian or Jonzz?

go on, don't hold us in suspense.

and the ultimate question - Does Ian have a mouth or does he wear turtleneck sweaters for a reason?

Bernard said...

Sounds like a meeting of blogging philosophers.

me said...

annie, i've got the answers to your question!!! i know who's older, who's got the bigger gut, whether ian's got a mouth and whether ian's as hairy as we thought. kakakaka. but i'm afraid of not living to tell the tale.

Jonzz said...

bernard: LOL, aren't we all philosophers, he he

ME: ha ha ha

Ianfluenza said...

Why am I not surprised to know that my hair is included in the topic of discussion?

Jonzz said...

ian: LOL! what to do.. you're so famous, ka ka ka ka ka

just me said...

So the long drive was worth it.

Bloggers can become good friends, true.