Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Favourite Movies. Another Meme

Yesterday morning, I got tagged twice first by Bernard then by just me. Since I'm too depressed to blog about life at the moment, I shall do Bernard's tag first.

Five favourite movies? Actually, I enjoy a lot of genres and I watch a lot of movies. Watching it in a cinema is a must because nothing beats the atmosphere, the air-conditioning and the sideshows(he he!) I list these shows as most memorable because I recommend them to my friends and I've watched them more than once. OK, here they are in no particular order:

1. As Good As It Gets
I remember watching the Academy Awards back then. Suddenly this 'unknown' show just captured a large number of awards: Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt took the Best Leading Actor and Actress respectively. It piqued my curiosity so I watched it. I enjoyed it so much I watched it another time in the cinema and borrowed the VCD to catch the many memorable lines in the show. This show had all the elements I liked: a sarcastic and witty main actor, a vulnerable yet strong and cheerful heroine, an interesting supporting cast which includes a very cute dog( I think the dog deserved a best actor award for facial expressions) and of course, a touching storyline.

2. The Legend of 1900
I was hanging out at a friend's place in Kuantan when he decided to show me a cool scene from this show. It was a piano duel/competition between the show's protagonist and a reknowned pianist. I was hooked. I decided to rent the VCD. The story revolves around a baby boy named 1900, who was found on a ship. Being born on a ship meant he was born in no-man's land and had no citizenship. He was adopted by the ship's workers and later was found to be a gifted pianist. I think I shall not reveal any more of the plot. Watch it if you are interested.

3. The Waterboy
I'm not a fan of Adam Sandler but I really enjoyed this movie. It is one of my favourite comedies and I've rewatched it countless times. It has a very rich cast and I couldn't believe it at first when they cast KFC's Colonel Sanders as a Biology teacher in the movie.

4. The Phantom of the Opera
I love a good musical but I never intended to watch this movie. A friend of mine persuaded me and another friend into watching this movie adaptation of this famous musical. Wow, I love the visuals, the songs and the pretty leading lady, Emmy Rossum. I can't believe she's 18 and she sang the songs. I've rewatched the scene where she sings the aria 'Think of Me' many times over and I still find it as refreshing and uplifting each time.

I had additional laughs because the things that happened when we watched the movie in the cinema.
  • My friends' reaction to the movie: Friend #1 : 'Oh gosh, they sang 90% of the time in the movie'. Friend #2 : 'Why didn't you tell me it was a musical?!'
  • My friend sat next to this 'giant' who took up half his seat with his humongous arm. In addition, this 'giant' also sang to the show's songs. LOL!!

5. The Matrix
If you're a science fiction fan and a CGI enthusiast, you would have watched the first installation of the Matrix trilogy. It brought the concept of 'bullet time' to computer games and it raises a lot of disturbing questions and virtual reality concepts. I mean, imagine if the world that you perceive is actually not what it actually is. For the sake of being cheeky, what if the pretty girl you are looking at is actually a fat guy through my eyes? LOL! Well, if based on this film's theories, I think that's a possibility.

OK, Bernard, there you have it; my five favourite or should I say, most memorable movies. Well, I'm supposed to tag some people, right. OK, I would like to tag:


Ianfluenza said...

Dang... Malas lah...

Annie said...

oooh, good selection of movies

*clap clap clap*

I never heard of the "1900" movie, I shall check it out. :D

poohbearee said...

On your list, I only watched As good as it gets ;p
Will try to do the meme tonite.

Las montañas said...

duh! more work. :P

me said...

hahaha. not very enthusiastic response from your 'tag-ees'. am glad you tagged them and not me. haha. yr synopsis of 1900 got me hooked as well. will try to find it.

Bernard said...

Wow.. your list is something quite out of the ordinary. Like poohbearee, i've only watched "As Good As It Gets."

Depressed eh... how about go watch a movie?

Jonzz said...

LOL, malas, jangan buat lor. 'Cikgu' takkan marah... LOL.. Translation "LOL, lazy, don't do lor. 'Teacher won't be angry...'.

Ooh, we have the same refined tastes, LOL.

poohbearee: yay!

LM: all play and no work makes Monty a dull boy.

me: yalor, all 'spoil sports'. (Kidding kidding). Well, 1900 is a bit of an acquired taste. Some may find it boring but it has many interesting scenes.

bernard: sigh, i've watched almost all the latest movies which i want to watch already. anyway, no kakis to go with at the moment.