Thursday, January 18, 2007

Return to Innocence

*** Warning: jonzz is in melancholic mood and churning self-help poems again

Ever wondered how things might have been
Never having been scarred by another's sin
Freed from bitterness and betrayal's grasp
To have all your love and ideals held fast

Ever wondered if you went back again
But make the choices to avoid all the pain
Would it have been a better path
To be untouched by worldly wrath

Innocence or ignorance
It's such a thin line
A little wishful thinking
Is still fine

But if we can change things back by force
Imagine the things that would be lost
True friendships and experiences difficultly gained
Those precious insights from darkness and pain

Wisdom is not about knowing black and white
Being able to see good and bad, wrong or right
But doing the best with what you can
Living with thanks, not regret, that is God's plan


me said...

gosh, trying to imagine in what context you are writing this. you know how people say you'll never know true happiness until you have gone thru sadness? i think it's the same. you have to go thru all that shit to be able to learn how to appreciate. u can't take the good without the bad. yeh, so i agree with you.

Las montañas said...

Oh don't feel melancholic lah! see scooby is kinda agreeing. And I spied a large garden in that pic.

Annie said...

I'm still wondering what's up with that tile. It's gotta go! or throw a rug over it. LOL!

Hi scooby scooby booby! come to mama! I got a cookie for you!

Hey! I saw a faceless Jonzz! Gasp and he sure has a full head of hair! So much for imagining Jonzz as another George Constanza from Seinfeld. mmmmm..

Jonzz said...

ME: nolar, have been thinking about a lot of things lately and regretting some stuff. Spoiled relationships... inability to forgive people.. wondering how it would be like if they never happened. You know, stuff like dat...

LM: come to Seremban, and I'll show u my garden.

annie: those tiles have sentimental value. See Scooby's happy expression when he sits on them. Don't deny my poochy his happiness and by the way, he doesn't have boobies, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Yes, and isn't it cool the way some of we bloggers have the faceless ability, lol!!!

me said...

learn to let go, jonzz. you'll be happier. look at it this way, when you are six feet under and lying in the coffin, it's not going to matter much. what you're still holding on to will not mean anything. let it go and you will feel lighter. everything happens for a reason, right?

mott said...

?? WHere's the other post? I read it this morning..wanted to comment..but no time. Came back and...OOI? Sudah HILANG!!!! *twilight zone theme*

Yea..sure got regrets in life la...if not how else to appreciate the good things in your cutie pooch!!!! But..move on and forgive yourself ok?

"U are hereby allowed 5 minutes of self-pity. After that, snap outta it..and LIVE LIFE!!!!" I quote this burnt victim, whose face melted and she basically doesn't have a face anymore!

Good said...

aiyoh, why so depressed? always live life with a positive outlook - God has His plans for you. what may be a failure now may actually be a blessing in disguise. =)

goodshithappens said...

hmmm thatwas me, by the way. ahha

poohbearee said...

I like your poems. Actually I do like melancholic poems:)

Hope you r actually very much less negative than what you expressed in your blog.

kyels said...

I love melancholic poems; this is a good one, seriously.


JoMel said...

I am the kind of person who can sound melancholic in my blog but is otherwise a cheerful person in real life. I hope you are like that too. And I agree with ME, what really matters? Somethings just do not matter, so it's best to try to see the lighter side to things. Easier said than done I know but do try. I am trying all the time too :)

Annie said...

HEY! my hubby and I went shopping for tiles for our new pantry and I see the VERY same tile you have in your photograph. I hugged it and said to my hubby "Oh please, let's buy this one".. Hubby rolled his eyes and said, "over my dead body".


Jonzz said...

me: Letting go is easier said than done. Sometimes letting go is not enough. You have to do something else to 'neutralize' it so it never bugs you again.

mott: LOL, ok i removed that entry. I didn't like it. Too moody for my tastes.

serene: Well, there are moments of ups and downs. Can't be up there all the time.

poohbearie: Hmm... the blog expresses what I am inside. I may not project the same thing when I am with people.

kyels: Thanks.

jomel: Trying all the time, seriously all the time.

annie: You're obsessed with tiles. LOL. My parents chose them. You can argue with them. I reiterate, Scooby loves them.