Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I had just finished a round of serious MSN chatting. I check my watch; it's only 11.00pm. Reluctant to turn in for the day, I decide to lounge on the living room couch and catch up with the daily news.

Hmm, new upgrades to World of Warcraft. My friend will be thrilled to bits.


. . .

. .


Something startles me awake. Hey, what happened to the electricity? I faintly make out the time on the wall clock: 3.00 am. Looking outside the door through squinted eyes, I couldn't see Scooby anywhere. Where is that pooch?

I hear a sound in the compound and I see torchlight sweeping around. Dang, there are intruders! Oh no, I didn't lock up. I move towards the front door but I'm too late. Two people rush past me into the house and start ransacking the rooms.

My movements are so sluggish and I feel heavy headed. One dreaded word popped into my mind: Pukau.. In that instant, many thoughts raced through my head: Am I drugged? Great, I'm being robbed and incapable of defending myself. Where the heck is my dog?

As quickly as they came, the robbers made their exit. I struggle to my room. My wallet and personal belongings are gone. Shit! Shit! SHIT! Dang, I feel so tired. I pass out again.

When I came to my senses, the lights were on. Scooby was looking at me through the front door, tongue lolling like an imbecile. Stupid dog. I look at the time, it's 3.00 am. WHAT?!! How can it still be 3.00 am? I rushed into my room. Everything was intact. Thank God.

It had only been a dream after all. *Shiver*

Guess this has been God's way of telling me to always lock up before I sleep.


Las montañas said...

jonzz, are you someone who could actually fall asleep on the couch?

heh, next time get 2 musculine scoobies! (pit bull or dobermann)

Annie said...

Well, no shit Sherlock!


poohbearee said...

Tell us your address Jonzz. We can help make your dream come true. wahahahaha.

Las montañas said...

Jonzz's address:

Istana Taman Tinggi
Jalan Jonzz
Seremban 123456
NS, Malaysia

You need phone number?

mott said...

AHHH...Jonzz, now it's your turn to read Freud's book leh!

U scared the berjeezuz outta me with that story!

me said...

damn! freaked me for a second there. too heavy dinner lah.

Bernard said...

Uahh... jonzz can write story like Alfred Hitchcock liao.

Aiya.. why didn't you use your secrete ability #3 and manipulate your dream to become the hero?

Bernard said...

I mean "secret ability #3." Sorry about the typo.

JoMel said...

Scare me.. I thought it was real!

Jonzz said...

LM: hey, what do you mean by that? the couch is like THE place to fall asleep. If Scooby goes and I still want dogs, I want Jack Russels. I want watch dogs not bodyguard dogs.

annie: Elementary, my dear Wats.. oops, Annie.

poohbearie: LM has revealed my secret address, muahahaha.

mott: hmm, Freud is too deep for me. I fear I might be bonkers after reading his book.

me: actually, the dream scared the shit out of me too. The only thing it gave me is a good story to tell.

bernard: nolar I cannot be like Alfred Hitchcock. Maybe talk kok every now and then.

jomel: lol, well, it's fun to have a good scare now and then; you wouldn't want an overdose of my doggy stories.

Joycelyn said...

oh jonzz....feel so scary while reading it....
god's angel is with u