Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dying from Dieting

Ugh... no words for it but I'm dying from withdrawal symptoms....

I want my roast chicken!

[Day 3: Dieting Hell]


Kyels said...

Go, go, go!

You can do it!

JoMel said...

I symphatize and emphatize. I know how difficult it is to even lose half a kg. It takes a lot of discipline and determination.

One thing you must remember is not to starve yourself. When you feel those hunger pangs, listen to your body but choose your food wisely, and eat sloooowly, and stop when you no longer feel those pangs.

And remember to drink a lot of plain water, because they flush out toxins as well as increase your metabolism rate (which helps you to burn calories faster). Not to mention that drinking water fills you up and cheats your body into thinking that it's full.

And oh yes, apples are good as snacks. Eating one apple is enough to fill you up.

You have my full support!! Go Jonzz!!

742 said...

Sleep oso can forget the hunger =P

FireHorse said...

I blog when I am hungry and why can't you have your roast chicken? Take the skin off, when I was with a trainer, roast chicken was one of the "allowed" items.

Las montañas said...

This post is SO untypical jonzz-like!

FH: roast chicken without skin? where got nice!!??

Jonzz: what about nice hot fresh KFC chicken original flavor? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! biting into the crispy skin....

Annie said...

Here Jonzz, have a cigarette. Just start smoking. It's how the Supermodels stay thin.


Ianfluenza said...

Dude, you're just going through the pain barrier. Keep pushing man.

me said...

there's also the nasi lemak, the roti canai, the ais kacang, the chicken rice, the bak kut teh......kekekekeke *runs away*

mott said...

eh? what's wrong with eating roast chicken in a diet? It's all protein wat? eat la.

So easy to make also..with toaster oven.

Get 1 HUGE thigh n drumstik
Shove cube butter inside..the skin.
Salt it and sprinkle mixed dried herbs/rosemary.
Shove into toaster oven.

SMELL THE HEAVEN! ALL HOME MADE! Zero sin..even if eat skin.

Can la. Just mashed potatoes la..sorry la..that one is CARBS man!

make that makeshift bowl..or else, the skin will get stuck to the tray...n damn hard to clean leh...see la..I damn lazy one!

Jonzz said...

kyel: Yeah!

jomel: LOL, no worries there. I'm not on a deprivation diet. Well, maybe 'Deprived of roast chicken' diet. LOL!

742: Whoa! That sounds painful man =P

firehorse: LOL, this is one of my cracked up theories. Learn to control your temptation first. If you keep going for nice food, all the exercise in the world is not going to help.

LM: Away from me, tempter! LOL!

Annie: I'm not a supermodel =P

Ian: OUCH!

me: Are you and LM in kahoots? LOL!

mott: Yay, my recipe consultant. I shall experiment with your recipes soon enough.