Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I've Gone Nuts!

You know, people look for new things to indulge in when they get bored. You know, like try out different things or crazy stuff to give fresh meaning to their lives.

For example:

  • Travel to see new and exotic places. Try new cultures. Try bungee jumping to discover that life is worth living after dangling for a few seconds of mimicking a yoyo and staring a splattering death in the face.
  • Buy a new pet to shower their boundless love and energy upon.
  • Find a new boyfriend/girlfriend to shower their boundless love and energy upon.
  • Involve in new hobbies or classes to indulge their minds.
  • Indulge in sports and gym to obtain that elusive six pack and set of figures.
  • Go into shopping spress and buy some new clothes.
  • Get the latest gadgets.
  • Get some big boy toys.
  • Buy a new electric oven.

? ? ? ! ! ! !

Yes... sigh. I've flipped and bought the following TV-set wannabe. Drum roll please....

Ta da.....................................

Of course, you're probably wondering what could have possessed me to buy such a thing.

Well... I've been entertaining thoughts of making home-made 'char siew' (glazed pork) and pizza for some time now. One week to be exact.

Ravenously, I unwrapped the trappings of my new procurement.

Aiks! To my dismay, the instruction manual was only a measly 4 pages consisting of several lists of do's and don'ts.

To one who spends less than zilch time in the kitchen and who knows next to nuts about baking, this raises quite a plethora of silly amateurish questions:

'Are you supposed to put the baking pan on the grill?'

'Crumb pan?'

'Where are the sensitive parts?'

'Great... I need to get kitchen gloves?'

And of course, the ultimate question:


Sigh... I foresee many hours of Internet googling for 'use electric oven' and 'baking recipes' ahead.

But then again, there's always the gym.

[Dieting: Day 2]


me said...

can receive astro on that thing or not? hmmmm, yummy muffins coming up. i want a piece of char siew, one bacon and cheese muffin and hmmm....what else can you do?

Kok Hon said...

Hahahahaaha...."What I got myself into" Hahahahahaha

Well at least you can reheat leftovers now :)

Las montañas said...

aiyoh jonzz!! why you neber consult me before you get that thing!? For pizzas, and I mean authentic pizzas, you need to get a wood-fired oven, not this!

haha, but congrats on your first step towards being a celebrity chef.

FireHorse said...

crumb pan is the one at the bottom that is removable, it's where all your toasted bread crumbs fall onto. Must be cleaned regularly.

Can put baking pan on grill if desire but can oso put foil if making bak kuah or char siew (easier no nid to clean up pan)

If toast bread can put directly on grill.

No sensitive parts, known to me at least.

Go get gloves, otherwise, how to pull out grill.

Las montañas said...

I'm getting hungry jonzz.. what's being served?

me said...

where's my char siew? it's lunch time.

JoMel said...

hahahha... you are weird! of ALL things!

OK, go practice now. And blog about your end product. And please don't cheat. If it turns out half black, don't show us the non-black part. LOL!

mott said...

wah..I teach u how to make char siew..I only use my toaster oven..your one looks bigger leh..so better la!!!!! I blog it very soon! So easy one..no need to do anything one..except (buy the stuff), marinade...then EAT! No need to cut also..can eat like caveman style..HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!

umm..no need kitchen gloves or sensitive parts la.. (HAHAH!)..just use your common sense!

Kyels said...

My oven toaster can do amazing things ... Bwahaha.

Sounds a bit wrong, isn't it?


mott said...


DAH! Just remember to put the tray to the lowest level..or else no space man..since your oven damn big!

Remember to simply whack only ah...!!!! Bon Appetite!

Bernard said...


Wuching said...

u can grill some pangang with that!

m5lvin said...

First you need an oven (which you already have) then you need some creativity to play along with...put whatever food that you wanna bake or broil with.....den you need some kind-hearted pals aka. guinea pigs...

char-siew? No probz...get some tough guinea pigs then coz weak one senang mati...

Annie said...

By golly Jonzz, my MOTHER has that oven. She's a whiz with cooking; but don't ask me how. She just comes up with super dishes. I just know how to put toast in it.

Stick two bread slices on grill, close door, push button. When it dings, it's done.


Otherwise, it's the microwave for me.

Las montañas said...

Thats how brilliant annie is! I'll learn to be like her when it comes to operate a box like that.

Ianfluenza said...

dude, you've just gotten yourself a new hobby. The next thing you should get is a cookbook! Trust me... Cooking's pretty darn interesting!!! I can vouch for that!

Annie said...

no no no Ian, you got it all wrong.. the next thing Jonzz needs is a HOT looking blonde long legged woman who can COOK and use the appliance on his behalf. :D

I mean talk about a great introduction line! "I've got this complicated oven and I can't figure it out, would you know anything?"... *Jonzz looking innocently and perplexed at beautiful blonde*

Brilliant, no? Ok. just put an ad in the classifieds.

Is Monty making fun of my cooking?
*smacking Monty*

goodshithappens said...

i thought that's a toaster/microwave or something...is that even suitable for baking? if it is....darn!!! i want a baking oven tooo!!!

Jonzz said...

me: Wait, one day I shall master this mechanical monstrosity and produce some tantalizing delights... (wishful thinking)

kok hon: Tsk tsk, heat leftovers.. that's a microwave oven, lar.

LM: electric is better. not enough wood left.

Bernard: Umm, I believe I said, Electric Oven, HA HA HA

Kyels: Yup, it sounds SOOO wrong, LOL!

firehorse: Thanks for the tips!

LM and ME: Tuna sandwiches! HA HA

JoMel: Patience, patience.. all in good time!

mott: Thanks for all the info.

Jonzz said...

wuching: what is pangang?

m5lvin: Whoa! melvin, is that some psychology theory?

annie: But Annie, I thought they invented toasters for that kind of thing.

LM: LOL, Annie's gonna get you...


Annie: Dang, now you made me depressed. I want a hot long legged blonde who can cook! LOL!!! ha ha ha ha ha kidding but then again, hmmm

Serene: That IS an electric oven! And most of my colleagues use it.