Friday, February 9, 2007

Serendipity's Tag: 6 Weird Things About Me

Seriously, this must be tag season. See I've create a cute blog 'refrigerator magnet' as a reminder. Oh well, tags are good if you have nothing exciting to blog about except roast chicken.

OK, ladies first... Lemme see, this is from Serendipity. Six weird things about me... Hmmm.... I prefer 'different' rather than word 'weird'. Anyway, here goes:

  1. I actually have a wide range of laughs from loud booming ones to high cackle ones as poor Ian has experienced. I seem to mimic laughs very easily. Therefore, many people have the misconception that it's easy to make me laugh. So it was during this youth camp, I was assigned to man one of the games station. The instructions said the nine groups had to make me laugh without physical contact in order to pass through my station. Not one group succeeded. In the end, I made them do funny group poses to continue to the next station. Of course, I had a field day clicking digital photos for future blackmai... urrhm... records.

  2. I'm fascinated with dreams, coincidences and the supernatural. I like to find out about such experiences and encounters from people. However, I don't enjoy watching horror movies and thrillers. The suspense and cheap shocks is a bit too much for my system to handle, and the stupid images replay quite vividly in my dreams.

  3. I have a certain degree of obsessive compulsiveness. I learned to deal with it over the years. But on and off, I find myself wondering if I have washed my hands, turned off a switch or locked the gate, even right after I have just done it. And not just once in a sequence...

  4. I like to observe people. When I hang out with friends, I prefer to sit quietly and enjoy their company. Listening to people share their stories and experiences, and observing their mannerisms and how they interact makes me feel alive, happy and less self absorbed. In a way, it helps to makes me wiser and less prone to depression.

  5. I like collecting stuff like games, music CDs and books but I almost never use them. I end up giving or lending them out to people. Sigh...

  6. I love watching Japanese anime and reading comics. They rock!!!

Phew... this is one tough tag.

In keeping with the mood of this tag, I'm tagging kyels, Jomel, ME, LM, m5lvin and poohbearie.


Annie said...

Phew.. thank you for NOT tagging Annie.. because yanno, I'm the most natural normal person ever and there's not ONE single thing weird about me. Just an impossible tag.


Jonzz said...

On the contrary, Annie, I didn't tag you because it would be the easiest tag for you to do. Ahahahahahahahahahahah

*Ouch... hit by one of Annie's flying books*

Las montañas said...

omg! *slaps forehead*

I'm giving an excuse.. I need my sleep now.


Kyels said...

I did this tag already, quite some time back.



poohbearee said...

For this tag, I will most prob be repeating myself for some of the things I already blog abt. It will be most boring.

How? Am I exempted, Jonzz?

me said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *pengsan*

Jonzz said...

No exemption! Or be labelled a chicken! Mmmm.. chicken.. ROAST CHICKEN!

742 said...

Stop thinking about Roast Chicken la~!

Pt no. 3. I've the same experience. Pt no. 4. When I'm boring. Or bored becuz I'm in the wrong channel among frens chat.

JoMel said...

Jonz dear.. I share weirdness no. 2 with you. You need to know one more weird thing about me. i dislike completing memes. :p

m5lvin said...

Oooops I did something similar before~ Hahaha but seriously for yours I don't think they are weird at all. Sounds pretty normal to me...Maybe coz I'm weird as well...sigh~ =D

Brother Tadhg said...


All fascinating stuff - also share #2 and 4 with you. Am really into syncronicity. And dreams, too. Did I tell you about three 'co-incidences'...well, maybe best done by email.

Brother Tadhg

FireHorse said...

Interesting (stroke goatee) let me analyze this.....
#3 emm see (not) obsessive compulsivelah, more like loh moh because lau liao (forgetfulness due to old age), kekekekekeke

Wuching said...

i like collecting star wars figurines!

Bernard said...

I like to observe people too.

Jonzz said...

742: we're equally weird then. HA HA HA, can't stop thinking about roast chicken.

jomel No excuses =P, ke ke

m5lvin All bloggers are weird people =P

brother tadhg I'm not crazy about coincidences but I'm alert enough to notice patterns.

firehorse *Stroking hair* Hmm.. how you know hor? Experience already, ke ke ke ke. Kidding!

wuching That's not weird! You're like every other small kid on the planet.

bernard I know. It's in your job description, LOL!