Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where Does It Come From?

One of the things I looked forward to during the Chinese New Year was seeing my cute baby nephews again. What to do... babies are quite charming creatures... they make adults do silly things.

On the second day of Chinese New Year, I was in Mid Valley, accompanying a friend to purchase some gadgets - you know, big boy's toys. Being the doting uncle, I went to Toys R Us and bought some presents for my nephews - a trio of construction vehicles for the younger and a toy chopper for the elder.

I was kind of sympathetic for the younger boy because all the toys were monopolized by the elder brother (Hence the seeming one-sidedness in toy selection). Of course, Nephew #2 was overjoyed while Nephew #1 was still sleeping after much expenditure of energy.

Horrors of horrors! I did not realize what a big boo boo I had made.

My brother asked me if I bought the toys from Toys R Us. I did not think much of his remark then. Later, they told me the elder nephew had been coveting the construction vehicle toys for the longest time ever. Aiks! Cham lor!

Funnily enough, it worked out quite well. Initially, the older boy tried everything within his power to con the toys away from his brother and this uncle. Of course, we, the adults had to establish the semblance of the ownership. LOL, it was quite a funny tug of war but suffice to say, it did end quite amicably. Phew... my skin is saved.

Strange, isn't it how kids turn out the way they are. Some are so docile and obedient. Others become greedy and manipulative. I have little recollection of my memories prior to age 4, save the image of a rocking sarong cradle.

Where does it all come from?


Las montañas said...

another "cheam" post by jonzz. where does it all come from? I blame eve (not the blogger). :D

poohbearee said...

Hahaha...dat was wat I tot, LM.

Jonzz, r u trying to tell your bro something? Dat u were bullied when u were young :)

goodshithappens said...

hahaha what drama you guys have there. conspiracy?

mid-valley - i've been there been there!!

Julee said...

Kids these days are so fortunate eh? Next time its best to have one boy and one girl :D

m5lvin said...

uncle jonzz!!! can i have some toys as well....*wink*wink*

kids are cute........

just me said...

Most world leaders are the first born, so they say.

me said...

genes? do their behaviour in any way resemble their parents?

Jonzz said...

LM: LOL, why, why does everyone blame the Biblical scapegoat.. Should take own responsility.

PB: Wah, you love to jump to conclusions. I think I would be the one in the position of power.

serene: Drama? What drama? LOL!

julee: HA HA, I wouldn't know what to shop for girls. Probably shitloads of dolls and household masak-masak toys. Shucks, I sound so sexist!

m5lvin: You're a big 'boy' now. You can get your own toys. LOL! I think your uncles would dread to know what toys you have in mind.

just me: I have no idea, actually.

me: No idea. I think we don't have all the answers.

FireHorse said...

"survival of the fittest" lah Jonzz, we all do what we have to and we each utilize a different ammo.

Annie said...

I think it's a natural tendency myself to aim for what you want. It's up the parents to teach young people that:
1. You don't always get what you want.
2. You have to take turns sharing.
3. There are boundaries to bad selfish behavior and this is it.

otherwise, they grow up to be just as selfish - they're just bigger in size and older in age.

You're a nice Uncle too Jonzz. *pat pat on da head*

JoMel said...

yup, unfortunately they become monsters soon enough. Those lovely angelic wide-eyed babies. Mine are testament to that. LOL! ;)

mott said...

Wah..i wanna be ur niece leh. I'm eyeing that wonderful toy kitchen set from Toys R Us leh.. *hopeful* vehicle toys also can lah!


Bernard said...

jonzz, HOW did it end amicably? Hmmm... anti-climax d.