Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wolfie's Tag: I Collect

The old grey matter isn't working today so it's time to do another tag. This one is from Wolfie on what I collect. Well, these are the main things I collect. If you have trouble sleeping, reading this will probably help.
  1. Books
    I have a mini library of books, mostly unread. I see a book that interests me and I buy it. Basically I have books on:
    • Computer technology (Self explanatory)
    • Arts and Craft (What to do, I like using my hands)
    • Self Help Books (Yes, sometimes you have to help yourself)
    • Science Fiction (What to do, I like SF)
    • Fantasy and Role-playing (Yeah, sword and sorcery rocks)
    • Christianity (This is my biggest trove yet)
    • and etc..
  2. Comics
    When I started working, I splurged and splurged on comics. Fortunately, I was deliverd from my madness when the comic book shop closed down.
  3. Music CDs
    I'm partial to Christian music, instrumental and the occasional mainstream singer with kick-ass vocals, great lyrics or extraordinary singing style.
  4. Anime
    Nothing to say. I'm a sucker for Japanese cartoons. I draw the line at hentai though. *Sweat* if you must know, hentai is cartoon porn lar.
  5. Letters
    There was a time before email, sms and video conferencing where we actually exchanged letters, cards and aerogrammes. I have a huge stack of these which I will never throw away until some higher power intervenes.
  6. Photographs
    Like I said, I'm a sentimental fool. If I'm carrying a camera and there's a moment, *Snap* candid shot. Thank God for digital cameras or I'd be broke from developing photographs.


Wuching said...

the only japanese cartoon i like is hentai!

kyels said...

wuching, your comment made me snigger!


poohbearee said...

Seriously, u hv a huge stack of letters?
You hv pen pals when u were young?