Monday, March 19, 2007

Angstus Maximus

Too much anger bottled up
Too much crap and it just doesn't stop
Happened before and it happens again
Overloads this tiny brain

Too much nonsense pouring in
Wanna smash something but the man just grins
Can hardly contain the Krakatoa within
When it explodes nobody wins

Full of rubbish this world is
Broken promises like flowing piss
Messed up ideas to the core
Don't think I can take this any more

Ranting, raving, madman-like
Nasty thoughts born, yearn to take flight
Fueled by disappointment and anger's might
Deep inside, two forces collide

I hate myself and I hate you
The source of all my reds and blues
Desperate again, I look to the One above
To quell the burning heart with love

- Mad Jonzz Blahs -


Las montañas said...

relak brader!

JoMel said...

You know what you need, don't you? Shall I tempt you more? ;)

mott said...

reminds me..of this thing I used to say when I'm drunk and angry..

"my head is spinning, i wanna womit".... ok la.. quite inferior to your superb pantun..but hey! I was drunk!

poohbearee said...

dun be sad Jonzz. here's a candy for u :)

me said...

*tiptoes softly to read the next post*