Friday, March 2, 2007

Cartoon Mania 2: Bubbly Jomel

Updated: Question - a few of you have asked me to draw LM but no one has seen him before. So before I can do anything, we have to collate all our collective information on him before we can create a composite picture for the polic.. er.. blogosphere. Heh heh.

Still crazy over cartoons, the next 'victim' is Jomel. Well, actually she asked me to draw her a while back and since I'm in the mood, mua ha ha ha ha. As usual, you can enlarge by clicking since blogspot seems to be shrinking it.


Las montañas said...
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Kyels said...

It is exactly like Jomel. Hehe!


Wuching said...


Las montañas said...

jonzz: what do you mean by quite a few? In so recent memory, I only know of one. And that's pooh.

Annie said...

Is she shrinking because she's on a diet too?

That looks a lot like Sandfigure ME. Are you sure?

For a second there, I thought that pic was supposed to be Monty.. LOL!

Monty's a WOMAN!

poohbearee said...

You r a bad boy LM. I noticed your comment got deleted. :P

Jonzz, pls draw LM. Watever u imagine him to be...haha

JoMel said...

Jonzz, you are a genius! So resembling me but a tad slimmer than me. And that's why I like it so very much! Muaahahahha...

If you allow, I would like to use that as my profile pic. Can?? You can add a small signature at the bottom of the pic.. Jonzz @ something of that sort.

Las montañas said...

so scary! jonzz is drawing all the bloggers he has met. Maybe I should not meet him physically after all.. maybe project myself to him in a dream

Jonzz said...

kyels: Well, got her photos to refer to, ma.

wuching: Done, sir

LM: You better go satisfy her curiosity before she hires Singapore's James Bond to find you, LOL!

Annie: She went thru Jonzz extreme makeover, LOL!

Poohbearee: Sweat!

Jomel: I have to send you the original picture on Monday cos it's not on this computer.

LM: Aiyo, chicken you! I only drew because they asked.