Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cartoon Mania 5: Painter Annie

Sigh, turns out the fever and diarrhoea bug I caught was due to something called a rota virus. Thanks, Dr. Jimbo! What a lousy week and all because of a stupid virus! And my sitemeter has also stopped tracking... Sigh...

Anyway, back to Annie's cartoon, I'm all for ME's suggestion. So, to commemorate your house project, here is Painter Annie, ta... da....

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(Admittedly, the idea of drawing a dominatrix was rather appealing though, wa ha ha ha! Hmm, maybe we should draw Poohbearie as one, instead, since she seems more vicious than Annie these days)


Bernard said...

Uahhh.. jonzz! This looks good!

She doesn't look intimidating in this cartoon. Hehe. In spite of the paint-dipped brush in the hand.

Kok Hon said...

I would say this is a pretty good impression of Annie. A pretty close one too.

poohbearee said...

Wow! It really looks like Annie! *Clap* :)

Wat!!!! Hey, u calling me vicious?wahahaha....dat might be a compliment, actually :P

Las montañas said...

rota virus.. thot that one mostly goes to trouble children! so jonzz, you are either still a kid, or what were you doing in the company of kids!?

Annie said...

I LOVE IT Jonzz!! You da man!

That's so cool!

Today I had two power drills in each hand and was running an electric miter saw outside.. I'm Handy Annie! LOL!

thanks buddy, I really really like this picture. You're very good at this animation thing.


You've been given a
"Get out of shin kicking by Annie" card for a week.


me said...

haha. love the fact that u used the same green that she was talking about for her house painting (if i remember correctly) and the arch in her eyebrow.

Jonzz said...

bernard: (whisper) have to make her look good lar. See the whole bunch of comments previously.

kok hon: ya meh? hmm...

Poohbearie: You are vicious, ma... So does that mean u want to be drawn in black leather and a whip, WA HA HA HA HA

LM: Ask Jimbo.

Annie: ha ha ha... I still want to draw a dominatrix though.

Bernard said...

jonzz: (whisper) you made a friend. :-)