Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cartoon Mania 7: Julee

Thanks to certain someone who has posted a wealth of reference photos, I can finally do the caricature of Miss Julee. I've purposely omitted her glasses. It seemed nice without colors so I posted it up. He he! Order completed, Julee!

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poohbearee said...

It really looks like her :)

Julee said...

oh, i see myself! Thanks a lot, its awesome :D!

Kyels said...

Yes, it sure does look like her.


Annie said...

Well, I think Poohbearee and Annie can be very jealous. SHe doesn't have a PacMan head or a paintbrush in her hand. She's quite beautiful. I like it too. Can I be her and we can trade places?

Jonzz said...

PB: heh

julee: NP

kyels: looks like an older her, ha ha

annie: tsk tsk tsk don be jeles. I'll do another one for you next time. ja ja ja..