Monday, March 19, 2007

LM's 'Marooned' Tag

Stranded on an island
And lost at sea
I have to choose six bloggers
To suffer with me
All because Monty,
On my bad mood day
Decided to tag me
His butt damn itch-ay

OK, OK, onward with the quiz
For the first blogger I need a wiz
Who can handle food rations and clean the loo
And pluck wild orchids when there's nothing to do
Yes, it's Monty, or in short, LM
Mad with diets and gyms but scared of the cam
Who knows poison plants like the back of his hand
With him around, we can eat off the land

OK one down, now Blogger two
Someone to save us if Monty makes a boo
One who's trained in university of IM
To save us from plagues and injuries known to man
Yes, of course.. it's Jimbo I choose
With this doctor around there's nothing to lose
And mountains are no problem really
For this doctor has climbed Gunung Angsi

Two down, now it's Blogger three
To take care of the accommodation for free
For this awesome task, I've chosen a lady
Who hails from Seattle, we call Annie
She's handy with the whip and shovel
Before her, all the wild animals will grovel
She can make furniture and fix anything well
With her, being marooned is like hotel

Three bloggers selected in my Hall of Fame
Who else shall I choose for this silly game
I choose mott as Master Chef
With her cooking, there'll be no leftover's left
With a toaster oven, she can make char siew
And garlic prawns and probably stew
And for our super, lactose intolerant Annie
She can cook some non-dairy spaghetti

I'm losing count, it's blogger five
We need someone who can stay alive
Who's tirelessly travelled Earth inside out
She'll be designated Island Scout
For this task, who else can it be
Of course it's yellow furry Poohbearie
Who's travelled from Hong Kong to sunny Madrid
She can tame camels, being Annie's protege

And now we're left with Blogger Six
Who Monty overlooked in his tagging fix
We'll choose Ian, the cynical fella
To be Master Entertainer and Storyteller
He'll record all our island tales
Of riding tigers and spearing whales
With all these stories of our cause
We own the plot for a season of 'Lost'

So now I'm done with my blogger band
The tag is now yours if you haven't began
Just blame Monty if you can't sleep at night
Thinking of the nonsense you have to write


Las montañas said...

Oh my! I am so impressed. Jonzz the wordsmith.

And you ask me to clean the loo!!? That is the yellow bear's job mind u. :P

Las montañas said...

And btw, on a isolated island like this, jimbo without his medicine kit would be rendered not too useful.

better to trust the shaman LM, whos skills in voodoo and medicinal plants, you can!

mott said...

phooowarrrrrrrrrrrr....pantun sangat impressive leh!

I cook for u, shellfish, sotong, fish, bugs and edible flowers. (quite lactose-free, no?*nudges annie*) Washed down by the ever refreshing coconut water beverage and for dessert... banana ala banana. hahahahahahahah!!!

poohbearee said...

I am impressed too! Now, I dunno how I am going to do this tag.

Hahaha...of course LM is going to clean the loo! I vaguely rem this was also mentioned somewhere in Jonzz's poem sometime ago....

Kyels said...

Wah, cun!

FireHorse said...

Island where got loo to clean wan? Just korek lubang (dig hole) and do business oni lah, keep it simple. said...

Haha. Can't stop laughing.
Jonzz, you are good.

me said...

*clap clap clap* well done. i really enjoyed reading that poem.

Ianfluenza said...

I'm not doing it man... It's too much for a poetic-dummie like me...

Annie said...

I don't want green eggs and ham, I don't want them Sam I Am, I won't eat them on Jonzz toes, I won't eat them on Monty's nose. Go away, stop asking me, I won't cook for you, not ever not me.

I swear I've read this poem, like in all my Dr. Seuss' books. Dude. are you, like, walking around now rhyming and humming. LOL!

You can't top this island poem. I'm a visual person. I'll think of a visual version of my moomoo.

Nicely done. I'm glad I caught it before it scrolled down too far!

hotel, smotel.. bah! I was sewing curtains today. Damn Daylight Savings! Too much sun. Need curtains to sleep in longer. :D

eve said...

wow...u r good la..impressed..

Jonzz said...

LM: Angs-piration, my dear LM, Angspiration!

mott: See, you are perfect for the role

PB: Do the tag, or you'll become PoohChickie, the chicken

Kyels: crap only lar... ha ha

FH: think positive.. modern island ma... freshly dug holes

yenjai: lol

ME: yay, goody

Ian: Lazy bum... ROFL

Annie: LOL, come to think of it, I did read a lot of Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl.Must be their 'fault'

eve: Oooh, thanks!