Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Mushrooms

Updates! Ye of little faith (yes you, Miss Annie) for your sake, I shall buy another can and take pictures this time!! Apparently, googling doesn't bring much results... bah!

It seems I'm crazy about experimenting with spaghetti. (I really should go to Italy, ha ha). Anyway on Monday, I suddenly felt the urge to cook again at 7.00 pm. So I ransacked the fridge and cupboard, assembled an array of stuff: tomato puree, luncheon meat, can of mushrooms, bla bla bla... and started my routine chop-chopping.

Then I came to the mushrooms. Hmmm... it seems in my haste, I have grabbed a can of asparagus mushrooms and not abalone mushrooms. Oh well, mushrooms are mushrooms, or so I thought. Out with the can opener...

What in the world!

As the exposed contents of the tin stared me in the face, an old memory hit me:

I was in having lunch in the Klang bus stand area. You know, the one near Central Market(not the one in Klang). Anyway, as I was enjoying my wantan mee, I overheard the conversation of the two men behind me. They spoke in the Cantonese dialect.

'Lei oi mai fu pin mou?'

What? The man was selling male tiger genitalia! Discretely, I turned around, I saw several dried remains of 'fu pin' wrapped in brown paper. Gosh, no wonder the tiger population is decreasing in Malaysia.

Anyway, back to my mushrooms. As I looked at the contents of the tin, I found many stalks of 'fu pin' staring back in my face. Heh... God does have a sense of humour!

Go get a can today if you don't believe me. Don't worry, they taste like mushroom. Tried, tested and confirmed by jonzz. (Those with naughty thoughts, you can erase those images now... tsk tsk tsk, shame on you!)

Hmm... I think I just corrupted the image of asparagus mushrooms. Either that, or I've just boosted their sales. LM, save your money for orchids! Kidding, kidding... Ha ha ha ha!


eve said...

aisey ..i dun even know what asparagus mushrooms look like..but now i think i know liao...haha...poor me had only bread for dinner last monday..the stoopid diet la...

mott said...

eh..who do your groceries leh?

show la picture...i never see asaparagus shrooms b4 leh..

Las montañas said...

I'm confused. I saw my name being highlighted.

And how do asparagus mushrooms look like? You're trying to tell us they look like the male tiger's organ?

psst! jonzz, you have been eating too much pasta! and btw, get truffles instead lah, they are much better than your ordinary mushrooms.

Annie said...

Monty confused? Now there's a surprise. kekekekeke. What the heck are you Maylays eating? Yuck!
I must google a picture.

hold on.
typing *asparagus mushrooms*

mm... all I get are pictures of asparagus AND mushrooms put together and it looks tasty. don't know what Jonzz's problem is. His imagination must be running amok.

Jonzz needs therapy!

m5lvin said...

I can offer free therapy Jonzz if you want...hahahahaha~*

ChinkinIn said...

Much easier to google for a pic of tiger's penis and imagine if there's a mushroom that looks like it. Distinct possibility with the dried one. Even asparagus looks weird now. Thanks Jonzz.

Jonzz said...

eve: so cham, why must diet leh?

mott: wait ar, probably after tomorrow night

las montanas: I'm waiting for you to give me a batch of truffles from singapore, mua ha ha

annie: jonzz doesn't need therapy. He needs cold hard cash, ROFL!!!

m5lvin: Wah, the budding psychologist or psychiatrist? Wait lar, one day I take you one your offer. hua ha ha ha

Chinkinin: You joker, you make me laugh like mad with that random comment

poohbearee said...

Are u sure u din buy the "lo fu pin" from the men? :p

JoMel said...

you are right. You have corrupted me! the poor innocent mushrooms...

Firehorse said...

Today's Shopping List for FH:
1 can Asparagus mushroom