Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Woke up yesterday, felt like rock
Had a stupid fever, and a head stuffed with socks
Looked at the time, wondering what to do
Finally went to the office with brain full of glue

Did everything in slow mo that day
My mood's so foul and my eyes see gray
Crawled home during lunch for a little shut eye
Sweated myself to sleep, hoping time will fly

The seconds tick by, aiyo aiyo
How come when you're sick, everything seems so slow
Phew, finally, the clock struck five
Thank God, I've made it thru Sick Tuesday alive

And here's a picture, I drew for a fantasy character...

(Do you think I can leave my job and become a full time cartoonist? LOL! Wishful thinking... I BLAME THE FEVER!)


Las montañas said...

I hope you haven't been so delirious with fever that you are imagining things!

Drink more cooling teas!!! (and stop eating all the mandarin oranges, very heaty!)

me said...

ermmm....perhaps, if i can figure out what that guy is holding. u draw yr ppl too perfect, bulging muscles, high cheekbones and six packs and all. how about some drooping chins, hanging belling and sagging arms? that's the beauty of cartoon i guess. *sifting through the pile of socks in your head to see if there are any paired ones that i can use*

me said...

pssst, monty, ppl eating mandarin orange also u know ah? u've got spy cam hidden somewhere in jonzz's hse ah?

Jonzz said...

LM: And what sort of things do you think I have been imagining? I've run out of mandarins a long time dy... =(

ME: You've got a point. I have two extremes. I tend to draw perfect characters or grotesque monsters. Haven't really drawn much of plain looking character or disfigured ones.

I knew it! LM's a spy! No wonder I found that bug thingy in the toilet bowl. LOL!

Kyels said...

We all have wishful thinking, don't we?

poohbearee said...

Wow, so good. Can go home during lunchtime, and off work at 5pm.

Hope you hv recovered.

Wat abt stay in your job and be part-time cartoonist?

FireHorse said...

Oh you poor thing, I bring "leng teh" (cool tea) for you and some fish porriage okay? You do have talent but to be full time cartoonist a bit risky. Take care, hope you feel better soon, will check in on you tomorrow. :o)

ChinkinIn said...

Can't believe you actually go to work feeling like that. Some offices actually send sick people home so they don't infect the others.

Switch in careers are always scary. First of all, is there a market for cartoonists where you are or will you have to relocate? I think if your pockets are full, by all means indulge your passion. Reality of the world.

Like Pooh said, part-time is good. Why don't you start on something then shop around for a publisher?

Las montañas said...

I always like chinkinin's comments! There is always a positive note to what he offers as advice. chinkinin, if I were to switch career, will you give me US$2M as a guarantee? (I want to come to Bangalore to setup a ornamental plant/orchid business)

ChinkinIn said...

2M? Sure. In rupees ok? Wait a minute, just checked my bank account, rupiahs can?