Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Yeah, I Got It!

Finally, after nearly giving up, I've finally got my precioussss....... (quote Gollum from LOTR)

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Thanks to my good friend JC who took the trouble to buy it for me, and Merv who saw it in Singapore and alerted me!

Mua ha ha ha ha ha...(rubbing hands)

Happiness... thy name is Angela Aki's album!

*** Warning! Don't anyone dare to pour cold water by telling me this CD can be bought in Seremban!


ChinkinIn said...

Must admit haven't heard of her. Did a search - she did the 'Final Fantasy XII' theme song?

Guess you think she's really good since you went through all that trouble. Enjoy!

Las montañas said...

hmm, I dreamt that I saw the CD being sold in the parkson mall there leh. ;P

poohbearee said...

Haha...u finally got it ah? It wasn't sold in singapore when u asked me to chk the other time.

I hv all the songs also. Is nice :)

Kyels said...

Sounds like a nice album. Love the cover art though.


Malaysia damn hard to find CDs; there are CDs that I like but cannot find. Ish!

goodshithappens said...

u got me curious.

shall check her out.

zeroimpact said...

Must check out this album
Sounds really nice
You must be enjoying the album now

FireHorse said...

Huh, never heard of this album before, will have to check it out :)

me said...

yes, you r definitely boosting up her sale. you've even got me checking out her songs.

Annie said...

Jonzz bought PORN?


eve said...

err...never heard of her b4 lor..

Jonzz said...

Chinkinin: I think she has a beautiful voice and I also enjoy the piano accompaniment.

LM: GRRRRRRR... You have been warned... LOL

PB: Yeah!

kyels: I hunted for it in Malaysia the last time but no success. Dunno if it's available now.

serene: Well, if you like that kind of music, you will like her. Heh

zeroimpact: Yup, it's on everytime I'm chatting.

firehorse: Good luck on finding it.

ME: Well, they do say blogs are a good way of promoting

Annie: Annie! Don't be a blur! Porn indeed... hmmph

eve: She sang the theme song for a popular PS2 role playing game. That's how I learned about her.