Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Char Siew Victory

It was a depressing Monday night
Nothing seemed to be going right
Had to do something to regain my pride
I know! Another roast pork (not fried)

Drove the car into the pouring rain
To find sam chang yoke or pork loin
To Rahang New Village once again
Shucks, it's closed, oh, what a pain!

No pork at this hour, I'm in despair
Need to get some pig's meat leh
Half past eight and getting nowhere
I feel an inner urge to swear

Then out of darkness, came a light
Roast chicken! That I haven't tried
With a little fat, it might be just right
I sped to Giant with all my might

It's getting late, I'm getting wild
I combed the meat and poultry aisle
Drumstick? Breast meat? Oh, get real!
Eureka, I stumbled on chicken keel

Purchase in hand, off home I sped
To make mott's wonderful marinade
For the sauce and flavour to seep in great
One more day I shall patiently wait

Tuesday came, oh what a week
At work, I found some guinea pigs
To help me taste my roasted chick
Will it work? My lips I licked

Finished work, the dreaded hour
I switched on the oven at full power
Actually 190 degrees to be exact
It's a poem so what the heck!

Impatiently, I watched them cook
Every five minutes, another look
Flipped the chicken after half an hour
Of course, I turned off the power

Finally, the darn thing's done
One hour in the oven's sun
Glistening brown juicy buns
Don't think dirty, this is for fun

So here it is my pride and joy
The crowning glory of my kitchen toy
It tastes like char siew, boy oh boy
And to think three sauces made from soy...

Wa ha ha ha ha ha.... I'm insane!


me said...

no fair! all these picture you post....we don't get to have a bite!!!

eve said...

i want to be the guinea piggggggggg....

Las montañas said...

Looks yummy.. (but presentation could be better although we dont expect chinaware)

Ianfluenza said...

No pok!!! No pok!!! I call the police then you know!

m5lvin said...

I live to eat Sir!
I am ready to die if the food sucks!
Yes Sir!

plz...give me some...~ sob~ lolx the charsiewchick looks yummy..

FireHorse said...

Maybe can make more and sell at my kopitiam?

Wuching said...

i volunteer to be ur guinea pig!

Bibik Nyonya said...

wow...that was a very clever post. ha ha!! Oooh...and that yummy piece of meat!

Hijackqueen said...

Got peom to read
Got bake chicken to eat
But what we need
A good wine is the treat

Hijackqueen said...

You see me

*steal a piece of chicken*

You see me not!

Jonzz said...

me: mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, envy me, do you not?

eve: OK, next round, I'm gonna make roast guinea pig.

LM: i bought an oven but i forgot th chinaware. OK, you can give me some when you decide to pop in Seremban

ian: don't watch so much Youtube leh, you pokker

m5lvin: when you pop by seremban, gimme a buzz, LOL

firehouse: *looks at oven* too small for mass production at kopitiam leh

wuching: OK, you can join eve on the plate, wa ka ka ka

bibik nyonya: ha ha ha, thank you. thank you.

hijackqueen: Hey! Who hijacked the chicken meat?