Saturday, April 21, 2007


Lately, I've been hanging out with some expatriates from my workplace. They are fun people and I enjoy their company.

Until I started feeling the stares. You know, the sensation like someone is looking at you.

Actually, this did not bug me at all until A brought it to my attention. It seems that if you look different with coloured hair and colored eyes; people stare especially in the small towns like Seremban. Sometimes, people ask you to pose for photographs. Sometimes people offer to take you, a total stranger, around for free. Gosh, what are they thinking?

Anyway, last night, we were having dinner. First, there were this group of young teenage waitresses who seemed to have nothing better to do than to stand at one corner and STARE like a harem of inquisitive monkeys.

Then the highlight of the evening came in the form of a young girl. The restaurant we went to had an elevated platform, bordered with some ropes. Our table was near the edge of the platform. As we were eating and chatting, suddenly this young bespectacled creature weaved into the narrow space between our table and grasping the ropes, with the very obvious intention to STARE. As she sashayed through, I thought she left. But when I turned around, there she was, hanging to a pole behind me like an orangutan, STARING at my friends. At this point, I gave her the 'death stare' for the 'Enough is enough' look. Finally she got the message and went scurrying back to her parents who were many, many tables away. Such insolence. Whatever happened to parental supervision? What kind of parent would let their children wander off far away, monkey around and be totally oblivious to it? No wonder, kidnappers and pedophiles have a field day.

I am stupefied. At this time and age, I wouldn't have thought people behaved like this but apparently, I'm wrong.


kyels said...

I hate it too when I get those stares.

eve said...

Like never see ang moh before...Eh mebbe staring at the lengjai leh?..*wink wink*

Wuching said...

u r fascinating mah!

m5lvin said...

Join the flying-chopsticks class....anyone stare at you juz fling the chopsticks directly to their eyes...*

poohbearee said...

Could they be staring at you, Jonzz?

I recalled u telling us u COULOURED your hair recently. By any chance u are wearing COLOURED contacts now too? :P

Ianfluenza said...

So bad... calling little kids monkeys... hahaha!

Don't hate them just coz they can't resist admiring your beauty.. LOL!!!

JoMel said...

you are lengchai maaa :)

nyonyapenang said...

you MUST be very, very lengchai.

George said...

yo i agree it is very irritating. This happens in the hospital very frequently especially when you have pulled the curtains and trying to examine and discuss worse still resuscitate and find those glaring eyes peering through those breaks of the adjoining curtains or simply pushing the curtain aside to stare at what is happening! This especially when they have not a drop of blood connection with the patient!!!

742 said...

Colored-hair I can imagine la, but colored-eyes? You got meh?

ChinkinIn said...

Children stare. That's what they do. They are curious and they are natural enough not to hide it. Perfectly harmless. In India, I stand out sometimes as well. I don't mind. I just stare back, especially with kids.

zeroimpact said...

Orang utan eh
I guess I am guilty of staring once in a while too

Jonzz said...

kyels: Sigh...

eve: huh? huh? where? where?

wuching: ya meh?

m5lvin: Wah melvin, when's the class? I wan 2 join!

PB: yeah, I'm wearing God-given dark brown contact lens. (Duh!)

ianfluenza: Well, just because you're used to them doesn't mean everyone else is (ROFL!)

jomel: Not me lar... pffft!

nyonyapenang: aiks, another one, what's this? a conspiracy with jomel?

george: Wah, even the hospitals too?

742: Not me lar. My friends.

Chinkinin: Stare is one thing. Climb the rope next to you and perch behind you is a whole other things. Just makes me wish I had an anti-kid tranquilizer gun. Hey Ian, loan yours!

zeroimpact: Nolar, this one climb and stare next to me. If you knew the actual scenario, you'll know why i use such harsh words.