Sunday, April 29, 2007


Blog thoughts: Friendships. The older you grow, the more fragile and precious you realize friendships are. Circumstances, relationships and a whole host of other reasons will inevitably drive a wedge in between your friendships no matter how hard you work against them and hope for the best. Sigh.

Yesterday, I sent off two friends to Australia. The couple had to cut short their stay in Malaysia because the guy's dad has a serious illness. Have no idea if they have the opportunity to come back to resume their objectives.

We had to cancel a barbeque for the guy's birthday. Fortunately, we managed to squeeze in a birthday dinner celebration for them on Friday night. Thank God!

Suddenly, a hole has appeared in my workplace. I will miss them both.


Annie said...

Know what you mean Jonzz. Isn't it amazing though when great people like that join our lives and make a positive stamp. The fact that you feel a void there is significant and we can be thankful we have great visitors in our lives as oppose to bad ones.

Philiosophical and Opportunistic Annie.

Wuching said...

never mind, u have plenty of friends..

Jimbo said...

Yeah, we miss them a lot too. :-( I disagree with you wuching, it's never 'never mind'. Friends are not disposables. Like annie said, each great friend leaves an indelible mark on our lives and when they leave, they leave behind a hole that our other 'plenty of friends' cannot fill. :-)

ChinkinIn said...

I've been working overseas for more than ten years. So I make friends and then we drift apart. But some you know you have made for life. Great thing now is the ease of travel. And with some people, you just know you will meet again soon, somewhere. Communication ahs also become so much easier. Part of the reason I started my blog was so people would know about what's going on with me. I can email them for the more personal stuff. Phone's always there... So it's not that bad... hopefully.

Jonzz said...

annie: Sigh, I'm an idealist. I want the good ones to stick around for eternity, LOL.

wuching: I think of every friend as unique lor. I don't the idea of having new friends 'replace' old friends.

jimbo: Sigh, sigh..

chinkinin: Actually, that's what my blog is for too.