Monday, April 30, 2007

A House Is Not A Home

Blog thoughts: This is a major angst post. Please don't try to play psychiatrist but listen if you have ears to hear.

When parents complain and nag all day long
A house is not a home

When there are no boundaries and no privacy
A house is not a home

When love and tears are used to impose unreasonable actions
A house is not a home

When performance and physique is the price for acceptance
A house is not a home

When people talk like you're invisible
A house is not a home

When relationships take a back seat to money and status
A house is not a home

When people are taken for granted and apologies are unnecessary
A house is not a home

Parents, do not think young children and teenagers are blind or ignorant. The seeds you plant today will be the trees and fruits you reap tomorrow.


eve said...

*hugs*..Parents can be quite 'liddat'....I just hope that i wont be like that to my kids..ewww....

Las montañas said...

pat pat.. so take a deep breath.. pray, He will help you!

just me said...

Good reminder there, thanks!

FireHorse said...

Here Kopi Soh bring some chamomile tea for you.

m5lvin said...

I foresee a great father within you...=)

Annie said...

I've learned a house is not a home until you OWN it. It's true. Even when you are renting an apartment, it belongs to the owner. Housemates, roommates and parents are a major drag. My only solution to complete and total sanctuary? My own home, paying my own mortgage. Difficult to do in the U.S.A. unless you're married and have two incomes. Renting my own apartment was the first step to Annie's *home*.

Jonzz said...

eve: As long as you think like dat, I don't think you have a problem.

LM: Sigh...

just me: Reminder to self, he he

FH: Chamomile tea? Hmm.. i thought that puts people to sleep.

m5lvin: Nolar you got me wrong. I'm paranoid of fatherhood.

Jonzz said...

annie: Well, it's true to a certain extent I agree but I think if you live by yourself in a house, it still doesn't quite make it as a 'home'.

Bernard said...

I agree with Annie, when you are the one working on it and building it.. it's becomes your home.

mott said...

good one. i hope i'll remember this with my kids around.