Thursday, April 5, 2007

Letting Lose

In case you were wondering, yeah, I deleted that last post.

Too crappy. Somehow, I want to put an end to drawing disjointed crappy-looking cartoons and do more high quality stuff.

Anyway I am going for a few day's break. Making my way up to the Pearl of the Orient. Hopefully, I will meet up with Jimbo who's also there and who know's, maybe I can meet some bloggers up north.

Good Friday and Easter? Hmm... forgive me but I'll give it a pass this time round unless God decides to reveal some interesting sanctuary. Personally, these annual commemorations are beginning to feel routine. Danger signs, time to pull back and reflect. I'm sure God is big enough to excuse one year.

That and I need a change of scenery. Lightning bolts and emotional confrontations have taken their toll on my system.

My blog feels darker of late, even darker than I give myself credit for, even though there still seems to be doses of humour here and there. Wow, that statement actually sounds cool. (OK, OK, it's long winded and compounded)

Anyway, this means I'll probably be away from blogging. Probably but maybe not.

But anyway, to all those who celebrate and those who don't,

Have a Great Weekend
Happy Easter!


me said...

gasp!! another reader gone!! told you i was getting desperate and yet you abandoned ship!! how could u?! *grins*

easter routine?! when was the last time you hunted for easter eggs? or partake in egg deco contest? or....ran relay with a spoon and egg in yr mouth? no lehhhhhh...the problem is you are not participating in the real spirit of easter. hehehe.

Wuching said...

say hello to the easter bunny for me!

JoMel said...

Happy Easter Jon! Enjoy your break in the Pearl of the Orient. Eat lots, laugh lots, live lots. This dark mood, I have been through it. So I know you'll be fine ok.

FireHorse said...

You too my friend, enjoy both your weekend and your Easter.

eve said...

wah lau..can makan makan...aiya..coudn't get online for the past 3 days , stupid streamyx..when i kambek , u r gone..ish..

m5lvin said...

Good friday!!! and Happy Easter..!!!

mott said...

waaaaaaahhhhhhh......u ah...

never learn lesson from my penang post ah???? ching meng, traffic jam

Easter...sure confirm 100% traffic jam!

Good LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no black faces ah!!!!

ChinkinIn said...

Happy Easter

Las montañas said...

Enjoy your holidays!! eat eat and be merry! the siew or (roast goose) should not be missed!

just me said...

Have a good rest to re-charge.

No rest for your stomach tho...go "jalan jalan cari makan"...asam laksa, nasi kandar etc

poohbearee said...

Huh?? *puzzled* Why LM mentioned roast goose?

Hope you enjoyed your hols Jonzz.

Annie said...

He didn't abandon his ship ME, I pushed him off the plank.. bwah hahahaha!

I bet the big Easter Bunny ate Jonzz by now.

Sheesh, a little lightening bolt and he goes running. tsk.tsk.

Jonzz said...

ME: Bored I am! Abandon ship I must! Penang I shall go!

wuching: Hello Wuching!

Jomel: Thanks thanks. Yes, recover 70% liao, I hope.

eve: NVM, now i'm back again

m5lvin: TY! You too!

chinkinin: He he he! You Too!

LM: Roast Goose??!!! Where?

Just Me: ahh, food... only regret... din eat 'ho chien'! Sigh... those lovely oysters!

PB: Yup, enjoyed it!

Annie: No no... i swear, the lightning was THIS big!!! *stretching hands*

me said...

yoda, you are.