Sunday, April 1, 2007

Lightning Fury

Updated with pictures: Dum dum dum... A DVD player, a drawing pad, a computer, an aerial booster, a fuse box, an electric meter.... much expensive... the experience, priceless... DUH DUH LAME JOKE

It was Saturday evening after our shopping spree. DD and me just reached the front gate of my house.

The sky was raining like there's no tomorrow. The stupid rain was blown by the wind to a near 45 degree angle. I was hesitant to get out of the car since the umbrella wouldn't have give much protection anyway.

After a little drive around the neighborhood and foreseeing potential floods in other areas, we decided to get back into the house.

Slightly drenched, DD and me were about to get into the house when *CRACK*

We saw a ball of lightning barely a few feet away and the sound nearly took out both our ear drums and almost knocked DD over.

Slightly dazed, we went into the house and I nearly stepped on a piece of black plastic. Examining the plastic, it looked like some sort of measuring piece like a ruler. Then I realized the lightning bolt had blown the electric meter to pieces and scattered the plastic remains of the meter into the garden area. The entire house was enveloped in darkness. The fuse box was gone as well.

R.I.P. Power Meter... You truly went with a bang!

Serial number deliberately smeared to deter gambling

Gotta give credit to Tenaga National. We called their Complaints Hotline (I got the number through the directory services) and they arrive in 15 minutes. Apparently, this was the first team who replaced the fuse. It was a Saturday evening so you gotta give them credit for the efficiency. I did not relish the rest of the weekend without power. Half an hour later, the Electric Meter team arrived and installed another electric meter for future pyrotechnics. Yup, there are separate teams.

Ah, the joy of power. Unfortunately, it was a short lived joy. I realized the rogue lightning bolt had taken out my Internet machine... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..... Sigh, more expenses... and no more life for this IT person at home. BWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

In church today, I realized that lightning took out another four PCs and modems belonging to fellow church members in the same neighborhood. Man!! Talk about freak weather. Time to invest in a lightning rod. Sigh..

Now I have to contemplate some new options... getting a credit card just for some installment facilities to buy a grander PC or laptop. It seems nowadays they have combined loan payments with credit cards...

He he.. actually I don't feel that bad or that rushed to get a PC yet. Must be a sign of maturity or lightning-induced craziness, or that I'm off the PC-craze phase finally. HA HA HA HA HA HA!


nyonyapenang said...

ahhh....chuck away the old, welcome the new. :)

Las montañas said...

you want to see spectacular crash bang boom lightning effects? come down south to the tiny island.

everytime there is a thunderstorm, sure can see blinding sky to ground lightning streaks.

We are known as the lightning capital of the world; something that I'm not proud of.

eve said...

eh so kebetulan fusebox oso kena..but not by lightning;'s becos we overload oredi..sampai terbakar...and bless the TNB..they came in a jiff to repair it..

m5lvin said...

Rest In Peace...

Welcome for the new souls...

Gone the money....

Pathetic wallet and me....

My lappie rosak..Sob*

Julee said...

Wah so dramatic! O.o

Go go get new pc!

Wuching said...

wuah! lucky the house didn't get burnt! go buy 4D liao!

me said...

damn! u just missed the golden opportunity to get yourself one of those free astro hairstyle. hang around the meter during thunderstorm again to see if you can have better luck next time. *grins*

zeroimpact said...

Old no go, new no come
Something like that la
I bet they came so fast cost it's revenue, try if you got no electricity and the meter is still running

Annie said...

I just love "ME's" slap stick comedy.. I've heard that CRACK sound and it scared the bones out of my skin. Luckily it hit a tree and not a person.

You very very lucky jonzz you didn't get hit with the lightening. I'm sorry about all your things. Good that you got help so quickly.

Jonzz said...

nyonyapenang: No $$$ leh! T_T

LM: No thanks. Enough lightning for me!

eve: I guess privatization does wonders for service.

m5lvin: Your lappie too?

julee: You gimme one for my bday lar. I wan a laptop. mua ha ha ha... so thick skinned, he he

wuching: no no no no gambling pls, he he

me: hmm... with the heavy downpour, any afro will become the wet look in a jiffy.

zeroimpact: haiz...

annie: i need lightning insurance!