Saturday, April 28, 2007

Repulsed By Pork (Updated)

Blog thoughts: Nothing turns a person off food faster than having to prepare the food from scratch. No wonder the family enjoy mum's cooking but she is not as enthusiastic about eating her own cooking. Thanks, mum!

Two nights ago, I went to the butcher to procure some 'sam chang yoke' or 3 layer meat to prepare some char siew for my family.

Once again, I went to Rahang New Village at night. This time, I was more fortunate as the butcher was open. The lorry was outside bringing a fresh load of slaughtered pigs at 9.00pm.

I was kind of nervous. I've never bought any meat from the butcher before.

Anyway, I stepped into the shop where a few 'aunties' have gathered and procuring various pork parts. Then reality hit me like a ton of bricks...

Augh, first thing that hit me was the smell of pork!

Ugh, second thing that hit me was the sight of an unprocessed pig leg on the table!

Yuck, third thing that hit me was the remnants of blood on the floor that can stain my soles!

Bleck, fourth thing that hit me was the thought of the butcher giving me change with his meat-contaminated hands!

Gross, the last was putting the by-then very repulsive raw meat in my car!

Dang! My OCP suddenly went into overdrive like Ultraman's warning light when his three minutes are up.

Hmm... I could almost abstain from pork permanently since that day.

But of course, jonzz is made of sterner stuff. I did manage to procure the pork and yes, finally made my first batch of real char siew.

That's very fatty pork you're looking at!


Wuching said...

if we have to witness how any of our meats come from we would all be vegetarian by now!

kyels said...

Pork rules!


Firehorse said...

So where's the picture of char siew?

Las montañas said...

jonzz, we have evolved here in singapore to have supermarket pork in nice, clean portions. no smell, no blood.

Bibik Nyonya said...

another char siew post? Boy...yo sure are a big fan of porky! Ha ha ha! said...

Ehh.. you finally got your sam chang yoke. Nice?

Jonzz said...

wuching: Yup, 100% agree.

kyels: @.@... LOL!

firehorse: I think the digested form would be more suitable to be posted at Bernard's site, HA HA HA

LM: Oooh, I think we have them here too... Evolved meat sections, LOL

Bibik Nyonya: Current craze!