Friday, April 27, 2007

Short Journal: Trip To NS Site

On Wednesday night, I went with my church to an NS(national service) campsite in Negeri Sembilan(it's also short for NS , how cliche). Apparently, they allocate two nights a week for kelas kerohanian or spiritual classes.

It was pretty remote, located deep in a oil palm plantation. Took more than an hour's drive in the church van. The long road was really dark, unlighted and laden of pot holes. Not exactly the ideal conditions for a night drive.

Along the way, we came across a small clearing where they were rearing deer. Beautiful creatures. The previous group didn't notice this probably because they were too obsessed with finding their way.

I saw this cute sign that said, 'Dilarang memujuk unggas' which literally translates to 'Don't persuade the birds'. LOL, didn't catch much of that sign as it was dark and we were in a moving vehicle. It must be a deterrant for the local bird trappers.

Anyway, we arrived there, met up with fellow Christians, had a short time of games, worship, teaching and sharing. I played my usual role of guitar player and photographer. This is my second time being in a NS campsite besides the previous one where I helped out in a Christian youth camp. The group here was mostly made up of East Malaysians.

Anyway, I had a chance to meet my friend who is a participant (My ulterior motive, ka ka) and pass some things. But hey, I carried out my responsibilities first.

All in all, a rather interesting trip, learning a new route, seeing new sites and mingling with a new group.


Las montañas said...

aiyoh! what are you doing in a pitch dark vast oil palm plantation in the night!? Haven't you heard there is Mr "kaki besar" roaming about?

eve said...

LM , he where got sked..He can make char siew out of the Mr "kaki besar"..kakakkaka..

Annie said...

Monty is only asking that question because you know aliens like to abduct humans during the deep dark night on old bumpy roads.

Did you have a fish sign on the van's bumper? :D

just me said...

How sweet of you to visit the camp participants.

m5lvin said...

Kelas Kerohanian....syoknya~..

Dilarang memujuk unggas: Don't persuade the birds...hhahaha....dat's funny~ Persuading birds?? into doing wat???? lolx...

Wuching said...

did u get to play with guns?

Jonzz said...

LM: LOL, what the heck is 'Mr Kaki Besar'?

eve: Tasty or not?

annie: I knew it! Thanks for the warning *snigger*

just me: Nolar... i also want to visit my friend

m5lvin: syok meh kelas kerohanian? he he... I think memujuk unggas probably means 'bird trapping'

wuching: 2 hours only lar i there. what play with guns.