Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's First Tag: Last Blog / Blog Apocalypse

I got this tag from both ME and Bernard. If I'm not mistaken, the tag goes something like if the blogosphere is coming to an end and you can only post one last entry, what would it be.

LOL, sorry, confession, I had a good laugh when I first read this tag.

If this was to be my last blog entry, the least of my concerns would be to write a lengthy blog eulogy befitting a speech at the Academy Awards.

Rather, my last blog entry will probably go like this:

Sigh, it's ridiculously unexpected but it looks like the blogosphere is coming to an end. To my dear blogger friends who have been with me all this time, please keep in touch and here are my contact details. Goodbye cruel blog world!
Well, what kind of drama queen response do you expect? (LOL, pinched a phrase from Savante)


zeroimpact said...

Where's your contact details man

Bernard said...

Ya where are the contact details...hmmm?

eve said...

aisey , he did say IF this was his last blog entry wan his contact details , have to wait till it really happens lor...ngam mou?

poohbearee said...

Huh??? I read the tag as "end of the world" not "blogosphere coming to an end".

Jonzz said...

zeroimpact and bernard: Naughty, naughty, you would have to wait for the real last post.

eve: Seelar, eve is smarter, he he!

poohbearee: there were two tags, but they are equivalent basically it means the last tag you'll ever write.

me said...

short and sweet?

Annie said...

Grrrr *slapping Jonzz upside the head*... What I expected was your last Will and Testament leaving all your worldly possessions to Annie. Sheesh!

didn't you read the latest version of "Blogging for Dummies" ?

George said...

gosh I havent done this yet - just realised! All those diving would probably not realise the apocalypse
then again it just kind of happened.