Tuesday, April 24, 2007

To Ad or Not To Ad

Sorry for the unusual load of rantings lately. Yours truly has been in the foulest possible range of moods. It must be another round of middle age crisis.

Thanks guys and gals, who bear with me no matter how grumpy or bitchy my blog post is. It's great to have cyber friends like you.

I'm at the moment contemplating putting ads into my blog. It's something I never really wanted to do since it takes the joy out of blogging but things have been bugging me lately. I need some changes, even something as ridiculous as putting ads.

Of course, you could also think of it as old Jonzz either:
  • Becoming greedy or desperate for cash
  • Explore ads as a true IT-savvy person
  • Just wanting to get a piece of the action
Crappy.... crappy... on a boring lighter note, yours truly is gonna attempt to make char siew chicken tonight. Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha...


me said...

do whatever you must....not that we are going to click on those ads. hahahahaha. :-p

char siew? yummmmmm. must eat with the oily rice, not the normal one. why is it not my dinner time yettttt?! i'm drooling, just talking about food.

Wuching said...

yes! put ads on! i sapot u!

poohbearee said...

Teach me! You mean we can put ads and get paid? How do we qualify?

$$$$$$$$ I think I am the greedy one :)

Bernard said...

Put larrr...

david santos said...

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m5lvin said...

Just put it for the money though it's a bit irritating at times but still $$$$$$$$...hahahaa

Hey...char siew chicken!!!! Yummy....sifu sifu...can teach me ar?? I'm so bored at home..maybe making char siew chicken will make my life a little bit "yummy" lolx

Jonzz said...

ME: LOL, ha ha ha, okay!

wuching: Yay, got supporter!

PB: Umm.. PPP, Nufnang, Google ads... all these are ads gwa. I haven't started anything yet.

Bernard: Heh

david santos: ???

m5lvin: ha ha. Oooh, you want recipes? Hmm... wait.

742 said...

It's ok to put ads bt nt too much until when i load ur page oso lag lag lidis...

me said...

not yet put ads up already kena spammed in yr comment box *pengsan*

Jonzz said...

742: yup, I know.

me: yalor... sigh!

eve said...

Eh letak je ads tu...I sappot lu one..
BTW , how was the chic?..

Jonzz said...

eve: fantastique!

Annie said...

Call me anytime Jonzz, I'll bitch-slap you whenever you need it.