Monday, April 23, 2007

Something Lost and The Roast Pork Tragedy

Can't believe how fast the weekend has slipped by. Like water flowing in between my hands.


Well, not to say it has been unfruitful though. Spent a lot of time socializing. Swimming. Doing a little bit more cooking. Church. Taking friends to a wet market for beef noodles. Helping neighbor to check Internet connection. Yet it feels kind of empty.

Hmmm... was reading through ME's comments from an earlier entry. I've come to realize that I haven't really have spent much time with myself anymore. Even my private moments are spent thinking about interaction with others.

Can't believe I've lost that. Time to stop and catch up. (WAIT, It's not over yet... read on, lol!)

It was a cool afternoon in the confines of the Jaya Jusco Shopping complex when I chanced upon a delightful looking pork fillet in the non-halal section.

Immediately, the inner chef in me decided, 'Char siew, now or never... '

Hastily, I procured the seductive piece of meat and rushed off.

Oops, wait, the recipe; I made a quick detour at the office, went online and copied the recipe from my char siew master, Mott in her delightful little recipe treasure house.

Greedily, running through the list of sauces which I have painstakingly collected over the course of the past two months after purchasing my precious little black kitchen horror (my oven lar!), I discovered I still lacked one more ingredient, dark soya sauce.

Shucks, is this a Chinese obsession, making multiple condiments from the same soya bean? Not content with plain soya sauce, we have light soya sauce, dark soya sauce and hoisin sauce. Oh well, all in the pursuit of gluttony...

OK, OK, marinade time... Let me, see, optional rice wine? Well, I'll have to pinch some from Mum then.

Oooh, the marinade is a such lovely rich black colour. And the smell, makes me tempted to just sample some... STOP! Phew.... OK, marinade for the minimum two hours. Let's double check the cooking instructions.

Aiks, hey Mott, you forgot to put in the cooking time! And what is max temperature? It's dangerous to use max temperature. Little children like jonzz could burn down the house you know. Oh well, being the ingenious little brat I was, I scoured the Internet again. Finally, arriving at the optimum cooking time of 375 F (190 C) for 25 minutes on each side.

What's next? What's next? Aluminium foil bowl. Wrap, wrap, wrap... hmm, looks more like an aluminium foil boat. Well, as long as it fits.

Okay, to cut a dreadfully long boring story short, I finally cooked the silly fella. Here's the pictures: (Heh, heh, copied Chinkinin's montage style for today)

So what's the tragedy, you may ask. Well, I think I made braised pork, instead of char siew,

LOL, no fears. Still juicy and tender. Still tasty.

That's what comes from playing it safe and cooking EVERYTHING inside aluminium wrap. Anyway, I have learnt plenty from my trial run and the next time I assure you(MUA HA HA HA), it will be perfect.


Wuching said...

i spent too much time with myself i'm starting to talk to myself oredi! scary man! dun do it!

me said...

duh..yah! that's why it's called char SIEW and not char MUN. :-p kekeke.

u're running through the motions of living by keeping yourself busy....but not answering the imminent question...what is it that you want or looking for? no one can answer that question better than yourself.

mott said...


hahahah...i told you..simply whack!!!!

To make it crispy..think u need to open up the foil towards the end of cooking time.

Time....ah...SIMPLY WHACK!!! I also guess guess la... trial n error la...then you can claim it to be your very own recipe!!!

KAKAKAKAKAKAAKAK!!! It loooks good..glad it tastes good..or else...!! btw..that looks ONE HUGE CHUNK OF PORKIE!!!! Did u eat it all by yourself??????

eve said...

looks nice worr....but no red red coror one?...hehe..i will give you at least 2 days warning before i come over to your hse for makan...we ajak jimbo oso..

Las montañas said...

looks like the pig was on a diet or something.. not a centimeter of fat could be seen! where got nice lidat! charsiew must use the fattiest portions you can lay hands on.

Jyannie said...

hey, that's a big hunk of meat you got there haha. i don't think you'll need to eat anything else for the day...

ChinkinIn said...

Somehow less like charsiew without the red colouring. But taste is still most important. Good that you don't have a white elephant sitting your kitchen. You are really making use of the oven, aren't you. I just dread the cleaning. Was that why you kept the meat wrapped up un the foil throughout?

poohbearee said...

It looks like sausage coated in chocolate in the pic.

Firehorse said...

Never mind that it's not perfected yet, if I am there I will still finish it up, yum yum.

FireHorse said...

Hi Jonzz, hop over you've been tagged :P said...

Err.. sorry, as I always refer to chinese food in chinese word. What is braised pork?

I agree with LM. Hoi. Char siew cannot use 100% lean meat. Look for 3 layers meat (sum chang yoke)

After saying all that... I still love pork a lot. Did you leave any for me?

Jonzz said...

wuching: LOL... i didn't mean talking to yourself like a madman. I meant like taking time to pause and reflect.

me: sometimes, you just don't know what you want and you feel unfulfilled and going through the motions makes it all the more torturous.

mott: wa ka ka ka! Char Siew Si Fu! Thanks for the recipe ya! I'm gonna try again once I get hold of some sam chang yoke! Mass production will begin soon, LOL! The meat is not that big... It shrinks after cooking.

eve: come lar! wa ka ka ka, make sure you bring some 'Poh Chai' pills just in case ya!

LM: you are right! Unfortunately it was available and I was excitable, so I grabbed it anyway. Wa ka ka!

jyannie: it's not that big leh! And I shared it with some friends.

chinkinin: I don't really relish the red coloring. It's not natural. Taste comes first! Yeah I do try to keep clean to minimize the cleaning. The aluminium foil does play a dual purpose to cook and to keep the area clean.

poohbearee: You are right. ROFL! Are you having a chocolate craving?

FH: You are too far lar... I've done the tag already, btw.

yenjai: I googled the meaning of braise: To slowly cook food with a small amount of liquid in a tightly covered pan.

me said...

only u yrself will know the thruth. no one else can answer it for you. if you don't's because you have stopped listening to what your heart is telling u. u've closed the doors.