Tuesday, April 10, 2007

'A Xylophone and A Post Office'

I'm back.

Journal of Events:

Friday 6th April
  • Took a bus to Penang RM35 - 10.30am. Found out my university ex-housemate, Y had returned to Penang the same week. Called him up. Discovered through the conversation that I've bought a ticket to Penang mainland, Nibong tebal. Grrr.... stupid ticket seller. Nearly got into a tiff with my dad. Quickly made a switch at Ipoh and grabbed a ticket to Butterworth RM 14 because bus to Penang island was full. Boarded ferry - 5.30pm. Brother picked me up. Arrived 6.00pm. Arrived in one piece.
Sat 7th April
  • Accompanied fellow church member, D shopping at Perangin Mall and Komtar. Bought a sleeveless shirt and some 'wife biscuits', lol!. Bumped into another university ex-dormitory mate, Ch. Coincidences, coincidences! Bought birthday present.
Sun 8th April
  • Hang out with Ch at his place in the morning. Had Easter brunch at Equatorial Hotel to celebrate cute nephew's birthday. One won a prize at Easter Egg Hunt. Had a fantastic dinner (burp! groan) with Y at a lovely Baba Nyonya restaurant at I-Avenue. Forgot the name because gave the card to my brother. Aiks!
Mon 9th April
  • Met up with another friend from JS, Joe for breakfast. Slept almost all afternoon in anticipation of night trip. (Yawn!). A generally uneventful day. took the 11.00pm bus back to Seremban. (Sniff! Sniff!) Hmm.. funny, ticket back to Seremban is RM32. Well...
Tue 10th April
  • Arrived in Seremban at 4.15am in the dark bus terminal. Decided to wait til 6am to get a cab because all the taxi drivers were still in 'Man-Eater' mode. Made a friend with a businessman from Penang who took the same bus back. Finally took a cab back to the house. Ahhhh... home sweet home.
Pros: A very fruitful trip indeed.

Cons: Didn't get to meet the 'gory' surgeon in SP, lol!.


Bernard said...

Haha... the surgeon is not gory.. only the perception of the images are . Right?

OK.. jonzz... I tagged you again!

me said...

welcome home!!!!

m5lvin said...

Rested kao kao...~ Syiok la..* Tidur makan tidur makan..jealousnya~

Annie said...

How do you meet people with such short names? I need to move there. ME, LM, Y, Ch, C, JS...

Glad the trip was uneventful, I bet your little puppy missed you too. :D

So, where's my present? did you send me a postcard?

Jonzz said...

bernard: Wait lar. I'll do it but without adding the links.

me: Thank you!!

m5lvin: Don so jeles. I tot you on holiday too?

annie: Ahh.. the mystery of short names.. Actually you are right. According to my neighbor, my doggy was whimpering over the past few days. Maybe it was the storm. Present? Present? How do I send a present when i only have blog addy? Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Las montañas said...

jonzz, its good feeling travelling even within the country right?

Komtar, I found it a bit old. The shopping centre next to guerney drive is better.

Aiyoh, how much would a midnight taxi from the bus station to your house cost you?!! Just pay lah!

Next time take airasia flight?

FireHorse said...

Welcome back, hope this short holiday has somewhat rejuvenated you.