Monday, May 28, 2007

An Absolutely Lousy Weekend

It started before the day we say 'Thank God'
My car air cond malfunctioned, the inside so hot!
Had to visit mechanic on Friday before I rot
Turns out the fuse melted inside the slot!

On Saturday, Streamyx decided to main-main
Modem ADSL light blinking non stop again
Called for tech support and get standard procedural pain
Still no home connection, I'm going insane

Went to Pizza Hut Sunday with two church kakis
Found cockroach in mushroom soup, I so 'lucky'
'Efficient' waitress saw and grabbed soup so quickly
No time to whip out phone camera and get some freebies

But top of the list is misunderstanding with friend
Doing nothing, this things can still happen
Well, at least resolved but much time spent
Which brings us to the end of my weekend rant.


zeroimpact said...

Wah, big one or small one
Hope you have a better week ahead of you

JoMel said...

haha... hope you feel better after that rant.

Nah.. no major crises there. Just day to day obstacles that can be ironed out. Sap sap sui..

Hope you'll have a good week ahead. :)

sbanboy said...

That is life ... bro ... and life still goes on

Hope you will have a better week ahead of u

eve said...

Aisey. after all this..definitely some good will , my bro just brought back some choc fr UK , let's share....ehhe.

Las montañas said...

aiyoh, cockroach in soap!!! What can be worse? A drowned rat in curry?

Jonzz said...

zeroimpact: Ya, hope for GREAT weeks forever and ever and ever. HA HA.

jomel: Yeah, we must see things in the right perspective.

sbanboy: Thanks, you too!


LM: Worms in chendol? Kentucky Fried Tikus? Caterpillar M&Ms? HA HA HA HA HA... Don't stir my imagination man...

Terence said...

....Errr... you forgot to include the big fat fly which struck twice... :p

winniethepooh said...

Jonzz, behind every cloud there is sunshine! Keep smiling, keep praying..Tomorrow will be better! :)

poohbearee said...

At least u din swallow the cockroach :) have 2 Pooh blogger frens.