Friday, May 18, 2007

Annie's Tag: What I Would or Would Not Settle For

Sitting in front of the computer
And I'm dreaming away
Feel like blogging something
But no creative juices today
And then I remember Annie's tag
Oh heck, why not, okay

Life's full of shit
It's just like the loo
Take it or leave it
What else can you do

So what would I NOT settle for

Wow! there are so many things
Foremost on my angsty list
Concerns food and cooking

Spare me all the MSG
It drains my throat dry
And if I lose my crowning glory
I think that I will cry

Go easy on the salt, sugar and oil
I'm not taste-deprived
My stomach's not cast iron
I still want to stay alive

Don't give me lousy portions
Then charge me like a king
No absurd service charges
For waiting and dreaming

Second on my No-No list
Concerns those I call friends
They are my greatest pleasure
But also a source of angst

Please don't betray me
I'm not JC, HELLO...
If you break one too many promises
My displeasure you will know

I don't like pretenses
It drives me up the wall
Honesty is the best policy
Lies makes your repute small

The final thing I would not settle for
A life of mediocrity
I can't stand total boredom
Oh somebody please entertain me

OK, enough of bitchy angst
I'm not unreasonable you know
There are things I can settle for
Which contradicts my top three woes

Lousy food but great company
I forget eating at such times
For nothing beats good fellowship
Water becomes like fine wine

Although I rant of fellow men's faults
I'm still a pushover, you see
For when true friendship prevails
All that's needed is just an apology

I fear my standards get much lower
As life's clock ticks away
I'm easily satisfied these days
When it comes to mediocrity
A fun game, a simple chat
The latest cinema show
A pleasant road trip, a song to sing
And I am good to go

So it's not really important as such
What I would settle for, what I would not
I learning to try not to think so much
Instead, in everything, thank God

- Trying to sound holier-than-thou Jonzz -


Anonymous said...

Cool words.. as always from u..


me said...

haha. i said i'll settle for mediocrity, you said you won't settle for mediocrity. people are so different, yah?

poohbearee said...

I am really impressed with your poems :) No lah, I think you don't sound trying to be holier than thou.
Heee....I still hv not done this tag.

Las montañas said...

get off your lazy bum pooh.. you are piling up on the tags! :P

Jonzz said...

anonymous: Thanks, umm, but who are you?

ME: ha ha ha ha... different people, different thought shifts,

PB: tsk tsk... where where are the tags, ROFL

LM: Haha!

ChinkinIn said...

Settling... only if it's important enough. Don't settle if it's important enough. Do you get what I mean?

winniethepooh said...

Came to your blog from yenjai's..this is a very different form of reading, very 'easy' on the eye yet alot of interesting thoughts :)

eve said... long did it take for you to write this poem ar?...kalau me hor..sei'll take forever..

nyonyapenang said...

wuah....very poetic leh! standards are not getting lower lar...i guess, you are just more mellow now.
don't want to sweat the small stuff ya.

Jonzz said...

chinkinin: *scratching head* a bit confused.

winniethepooh: Hello, hello, welcome. Wow, for a moment there I thought poohbearie had changed her alias. I didn't know there was another Pooh fan.

eve: Less than half and hour gwa.

Nyonyapenang: Thanks. Haiz.. I hope my standards are not dropping.

winniethepooh said...

Thank you Jonzz :) Well, my real name is winnie. Whenever people asked for my name I'll say, "winnie as in winne the pooh?" they go "ahhhhh..easy to remember", dun even have to spell hehehe