Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chutney Blues

Guess what this gross thingy is?

Yes, I know Jimbo already beat me to publishing it but I daresay I have the more 'disgusting' and clearer version. (Mua ha ha ha ha ha... feel my kiasu-ness, Jimbo)

Oh, it's chutney. Go google it. It was an accompaniment to my delightful supper last Friday. Behold!

Lovely piece of thosai, isn't it. As for that chutney, it's there seated comfortably on the left. I think it will be a lovely addition to Fear Factor.

Captured this sunset yesterday. I love the purple and violet hues. Makes me feel all blue-sy, (whatever that means).


me said...

euwwwwwwwww! it does look disgusting...and i CAN tell you what it looks like....but it won't be very polite..considering you have eaten i'll just zip my mouth. hehe.

Jimbo said...

Looks like sh*t lo. There! I've said it.

eve said... is definitely more clear Jimbo mia looks like omelette..

Wuching said...

nolah, shit looks brownish in color...this one hor, looks like what my cat vomitted out!

King's wife said...

I really hope it tastes better than it looks!

poohbearee said...

Yeeeks. Indian food.

zeroimpact said...

It looks oily, that's what I can say
But then how it looks yummy too, where can get
Where can get!

ChinkinIn said...

There are chutneys that look a lot better. But any mushy food will look yucky if not presented right. That probably wouldn't have looked so bad in a jar. Like baby food? Or mustard?

Las montañas said...

chinkinin, show us some nce chutneys from india? especially those green types.

Jonzz said...

me: Hmm.. after so many times... you may say it. But like Jimbo and wuching says, it looks more like cat vomit, ROFL!

jimbo: No, using an * doesn't count.

eve: I'm better photographer ma (ha ha so kembang)

wuching: seriously, I think you need some timeoff from fertilizer.

king's wife: It does!

poohbearee: Hey, hey, no racist food remarks, LOL!

zeroimpact: Oh it's in Restoran Siang Malam 1 in Seremban.

chinkinin: Hm.. I still say Sh*t in any form still looks like Sh*t. WA HA HA HA HA HA HA (Madness setting in)

LM: Tomato chutney and mint chutney is more visually pleasing in colour.

mott said...


oh so hungry now!