Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Did I . . .

I was in a rush yesterday.

I had to get my lunch quickly because I had an appointment with the pest control man.

Driving along the road to the food court, I noticed a turtle dove casually strutting on the road.

Well, didn't think much about it. After all, birds instinctively fly away as you approach them.

It was when my car was nearly upon the bird before it started moving.

Shucks! Slamming down the brakes on the main road is tantamount to suicide.

I felt as though my rear left tyre ran over a little plastic bag and there was an explosion of sorts.

Oh no...

Glancing into the rear mirror, I still saw a bird on the road but I thought I saw something beside it.

Reaching the food court, I checked my tyres. No blood but there seems to be some white feathers.

Shucks... I felt a twinge of guilt. My first roadkill. . . In my heart, I muttered an apology to the bird and to God.

45 minutes later after I settled my affairs with the pest control guy, I circled back to the spot for a second look.

The road was spotless. Nothing.

Sigh. Why does the thought of possibly running over one bird give me such grief?


eve said... kena anot jek?...adoih...I also kena once..the bird came and hit my windscreen..I couldn't stop the car becos of the traffic...So i never found out what happen to it..

Lee Ping said...

You spent 45 minutes with the pest control? You have a kind heart.

poohbearee said...

Why do u need to look for pest control man? Rats / termites/ snakes in your house?

U r kind-hearted :)

Las montañas said...

jonzz jonnz, fret not..for you are on your way to becoming a vegetarian! :P

zeroimpact said...

What's a turtle dove?
Anyway, knowing that you took the life of something, when you think of it, is no good at all

winniethepooh said...

Becoz You treasure life, every life, big and small is precious to you :)

Bibik Nyonya said...

Aiyoh poor bird....may she be happy in Birdy Heaven.

adrien said...

i've had my shares of roadkill myself, having a big brown feathery friend SPLAT on my wind shield, leaving traces of blood, and me, horrified. after switching off the radio and breathing deeply, i called 3 of my friends straight away while driving, screaming my hears out to them in guilt and well..disgust.

so dont feel so bad bout it. its the cycle of life. no matter how unnatural it may be. lol

Jonzz said...

eve Donno.. maybe there was already a dead or sick bird there and that bird was just watching it. That's why it never move away gwa.

lee ping: Yeah had to see where they were spraying inside the house. It's poison. You can never be too careful. I'm not kind hearted. I just don't believe in simply killing something for no reason.

Poohbearie: Termites. Not kind hearted la...

LM: Someday, somehow, but that will never happen for now.

zeroimpact: It's those slow moving grey brown birds on the floor. Dunno if you call them 'pak kap' in Cantonese but they are not the white doves. You can google the images.

winniethepooh: Hmm... is not wanting to kill unnecessarily equivalent to treasuring life?

bibik nyonya: Birdy Heaven? Doggy Heaven? I wonder...

adrien: Hello. Nice to meet you. Wah! Bird on your windscreen. Blood and bones. Ick!!! I don't envy the task of cleaning your windscreen, dude.

Annie said...

You? A vegetarian? Never! Monty is insane. I wondered Pooh's question too... Pest control.. is that when you have a internet stalker, you call a pest control? LOL!

ok.. dead bird? maybe? ... let's play CSI for a mo shall we? No blood? - means no squashed bird unless bird has no blood. You instinctively swirved enough for the bird to go under your car, not your tires. .. might have caught a few feathers. No blood is a sign you are innocent. No blood on the road either? Duuuude, unless somebody immediately went out there with a mop, no way guts and squishy organs got cleaned up before you got there.

It's the conscience that you will be forgiven.

if it makes you feel better.. we can tar and feather you and let everyone jump on you, then pluck all the feathers off at the end?

winniethepooh said...

That can be one defintion of treasuring life..."not wanting to kill unnecessarily"

Let me put the question back to you Jonzz :) After 'hearing' so many comments, I'm curious to know if you've come up with an answer to your own question? "Why does the thought of possibly running over one bird give me such grief?"

Jonzz said...

annie: I don't think I want to be a pure vegetarian because it's way too troublesome. Once in a while I think I can manage.

winniethepooh: At the time of writing, I was kinda disturbed by it. But as I write and was thinking through the comments, of course I came to this conclusion.