Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hump Wednesday

An unfamiliar but common moth in the Rembau NS site

It's cool when you blog because you can analyze trends, even insignificant ones.

Okay, it rained again early in the morning as I left for work, and surprise, surprise, the last time it did this was also on a Wednesday morning. Hmm... my theory is it must have been caused by all that pent-up 'Hump Wednesday' aura generated from across the workosphere.

Been feeling kind of drained lately, not of the physical level but more in the mental and emotional realm. Yeah, can blame it to the RO marathon last week but that's not totally it.

You've heard this before but heck, I need a change. Not just a hair job or cooking therapy or some weight loss program but something much more.... Darn, if I could put my finger on it.

The sky pours blessings on the ground
Yet my heart remains dry
The world embraces that welcome sound
But my world gives a sigh

Wave after wave pound upon the shore
Such thoughts assail my mind
And when the raging tempest departs
The man is left behind

- Poetic crap from a melancholic Jonzz -


poohbearee said...

Some suggestions for u:-
Get married.
Buy a cat to keep Scooby company
Quit and work overseas
Go for a long hol in some exotic place.
Pack your bag and turn up at Annie's house.

:) :) :)

Jonzz said...

Hmm, Annie, can i stay at your place?... LOL

I think her hubby will kill me. He'll be thinking, "Who's this foreignor who comes out of nowhere and knows my wife?! %$#@* "

eve said...

Got worse than me anot?..Comp kaputed , blog kena sabo..fingers all lack exercise cos kenot type...lagi cham right?..

Hijackqueen said...

Your title sound a bit humsup leh.

Las montañas said...

Don't go seattle! it'll rain the minds out of you! The constant cold and wet is a signal for rheumatism to come a knocking too.

mott said...

melancholic poetry...but not crap.

me said...

you know, deep inside, that all the recent changes you made are to distract you from the unfulfilment in your heart. have you asked yourself what it is you want from life? how do you want your life to be? are you content to stay like that for the rest of your life?

i sound like some female magazine.

Jonzz said...

eve: LOL, now all okay liao =P

hijackqueen: LOL, it seems to be a commonly used term for Aussies and Singaporeans. I thought it was a humsup thing initially.

LM: I don't care. I want to go to USA. LOL.

mott: Nolar, the subject is crappy. Ha ha.

ME: wow, of all the ways to describe ... female fashion magazine. Nolar...