Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lack of Self Control

Well, in case you were wondering why I haven't been blogging... well, I've been a little obsessed with an old craze of mine: MMORPG. Well, to be specific, Ragnarok Online. Well, not exactly to this link but it's to a private server and best of all, it's free! (or worst of all, depending on how you look at it)

Anyway, I've quit this paying online game cold turkey about two years ago but due to prompting by a good friend recently, I've walked into the familiar waters again. And I tell you, one week with insufficient sleep leaves a very inefficient panda-eyed blogger.

Hey, everybody has their own weaknesses and addictions, right. Just that some people's obsessions are blacklisted by the general society and some crazes, can be tolerated.

Argh... excuses. I need to quit this. Sigh...

Oh, and to all my dear fellow bloggers who are mothers,



Wuching said...

selamat hari ibu to u too!

me said...

huh? wuching, jonzz is a mother? that's the second time i'm hearing there something i don't know? *raise eyebrow*

mott said...

*wipes tears from eyes*

ROLTFL...this wuching.... he so farnee...since when did jonzz become a womb???

ROLTFL...!!!!! careful of ragnorak.. addiction that good is hard to get rid off!!!! ;-)

Las montañas said...

I want to get back to online RPG! How do I start? 8)

kyels said...


I used to be addicted to RO ... Nyahahaha!

But stopped for quite some time already.


Bernard said...

Whenever you see the "R" word.. induce vomiting by poking at the back of the throat...

.. do that 3 times a day, and you'll be free in 3 days. LOL.

poohbearee said...

Am going into the link:)

Why r u a mother?

poohbearee said...

Goes into link.
Don't understand a thing.
Came back out.

FireHorse said...

I better not click on link, I got an addictive personality wan. said...

I never play any online game, as ... I am just too kiamsiap to pay. Haha.

Jonzz said...

wuching: CHOI!!!

ME: What the?!! Not you also! CHOI! ha ha

mott: These two purposely ka ka cau cua.

LM: nolar, for your good, I won't tell you, ke ke ke

kyels: no no, better don't go back there. It's addictive still... and FREE!

bernard: Umm... Bernard, are you trying to make me bulimic?

PB: Not again =_="

FH: Good choice!

yenjai: Don't leh! Drain time and money only!

winniethepooh said...

My hubby is an online gaming addict too..he and his 'socom3'. Sometimes I really wonder were did he get that much energy to be playing online gaming for such LONG hours..Now, I'm trying to get him to 'move his eyes' off that TV to something else hahaha

Jonzz said...

winniethepooh: What is a socom3?