Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend Rants 1 of 3: Teamwork

Saturday, May 19, 2007:

I made chick siew for a friend again. It ended up being sampled by two people. But then they both had dinner, so there were two pieces leftover.Decided to extend my guest list, so give a piece to Scooby the following day.Thought it was a bit too much for my little dog so gave another piece for my friend's dog. Have been entertaining fancy thoughts: business opportunity in the food line?

Backtracking, on that Saturday night, went to the CC (cybercafe) for a round of DOTA games with a bunch of my teenage pals, just to accomodate a friend who had a break-up. We owned the opponents all three rounds. What struck me most was the way we played. There was splendid teamwork. There's is a wonderful sense of joy and accomplishment when people can work together as a team with minimal communication. Even in something people consider insignificant like a computer game.

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