Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend Rants 3 of 3: Racist?

Sunday May 20, 2007: TESCO

It was evening. My friend and I have just finished shopping. I was about to start up my car when my friend alerted me:

X: Hey, don't you want to go and take a look?
Me: Huh, take a look at what?
X: Didn't you see that Malay guy arguing with that Chinese guy in that big van?

Looking, I saw a big sized Malay chap scolding a Chinese guy in the van. From my friend's description, he had pushed the smaller Chinese into the van. (Note: we were still in the car)

Me: Not interested in getting involved. We have no idea what is going on. Getting involved might just make matters worse.

Anyway, we left. As I was reversing out, I saw the bigger chap punch the smaller guy which threw his head back.

Sigh. Many thoughts come to mind.

  1. Should I have gotten involved?
  2. Would it have become a racist thing?
  3. But thinking further about it, if a friend had been the one involved, I think I would get involved without any further consideration.


Las montañas said...

We live in difficult times.. so pray that wisdom and restraint be given onto us.

eve said...

I wouldn't have bothered...mebbe becos i m a coward...mebbe I would have called the police...

m5lvin said...

consider the size of that Malay guy 1st....manatau kena belasah teruk teruk den how...hahaha..~

Hijackqueen said...

Usually if i see such a thing, I went and alert the security guard.

mott said...

wah.....tar-kao session???

drama! but the best thing to do is the call the security since it's happening in private grounds. don't ever get involved...or else..u kena punch pulak!

Wuching said...

call for help? any polis around?

Jonzz said...

LM: I think sometimes a little kungfu lesson might come in handy instead. Hai-ya!

eve: Hmmm... police? by the time they come, I think over liao.

m5lvin: Discretion is the better part of valor, ya.

hijackqueen: hm... you're talking about supermarket security guards you know...

mott: He who looks and drives away lives to look another day.

wuching: Aiyo, mana ada lar?