Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Silly Thing Called Man (Crude Version)

Beware: Crappy Ideas Ahead! I've categorized this sharing as 'Ramblings' cos I have nothing else to blog at the moment.

Imagine for a moment, you are a god.

And all men are like putty in your hands.

Dum dee dum dee dum... mix mix pat pat shape shape mould mould... ta daaa a brand new man!

Let's see, let's give him a brain. Hmm, what a clever little creature.

If he's hungry, he'll look for food.

If he's tired, he'll sleep.

If he needs protection from the elements, he will build a shelter.

If he's attacked, he'll fight or flee.

But he is just surviving.

So predictable and boring.

Hmmm... let's mess up the equation. Let's give him a heart and a whole bunch of emotions to go with it.

Ahh, so much more interesting and unpredictable.

He's doing more silly things now.

He gets scared and lonely. There's a huge aching vacuum inside. He wants companionship. Anything. A dog. A cat. Another human being.

He's bored. He needs something to stimulate his senses. He wants fun. Excitement. Do something silly, like taking a ball and throwing it around.

He's angry. Suddenly he has an excess of energy. He wants to release it out on something. Anything.

He's sad. He starts crying. He seeks for things that will comfort

Whoa... what's this? He doesn't get what he wants. He becomes jealous, envious, covetous. He starts eyeing things which do not belong to him. He does things beyond what is necessary to survive.

Silly thing.


JoMel said...

Funny you!

If I am god, I would wonder.. "what am I missing here in my recipe?"

(I think the missing ingredient is "contention").

Wuching said...

dear god, please make me rich, hansem & powderful!

JoMel said...

Wuching, pray harder.

Jonzz, what I mean is "sense of contentment".. dunno if "contention" means the same. Hehe

mott said...

This "god" is James Earl Jones?


poohbearee said...

Crap meh? I quite like the post.

Nothing to blog? Mayb u r in need of a TAG. haha.

me said...

ya, pooh's right. what nothing to blog? where's my tag?!?!?! *hands on hip*

take away the feelings and you're left with a robot. fancy being a robot? D O N O T C O M P U T E, i repeat DO NOT COMPUTE.

Annie said...

*raising hand*

What does c-o-v-e-t-o-u-s mean? Is that another Malaysian word?

Is this about Jonzz?

winniethepooh said...

thanks for letting me know just how 'silly' I am :) it was an enjoyable post.

So hmm..can I blame God for all my silliness then? hmm...

*no offence to all the christians* just a silly thought by a silly me..:)

Bibik Nyonya said...

i think that's a very clever post...ha ha ha!

K.K. said...

what if he's horny? LOL!

Las montañas said...

alamak! forgot one thing. he needs sex!

Jonzz said...

[jomel]: Contention??

[wuching]: 2 out of 3 isn't bad, but why would you want to be full of powder anyway?

[jomel]: Ha ha, okay, I get you. I think contented people don't move forward. ROFL.

[mott]: LOL, how random can you get?

[PB]: Ha ha ha, when I have nothing to write and I write something like this, I like to call it crap. NOOOOOO... THOU SHALT NOT TAG ME!

[me]: Soli, soli, but good things need time to grow. HA HA HA

[annie]: Put your hand down. Everything in this blog is about jonzz except the bad stuff. KA KA KA KA KA...

[winniethepooh]: LOL, that's an overkill on the word 'silly'.

[bibiknyonya]: Thank you, thank you *KEMBANG*

[k.k]: FINALLY... I KNEW YOU'D SAY THAT! then he go buy some horns lor.

[LM]: *sweat*