Sunday, June 10, 2007

Church Family Camp

Been at my church family camp at Port Dickson(PD) Methodist Centre from Thursday til today noon.

How should I describe the camp? I guess, my body was there, but somehow my mind and heart was somewhere else. I don't seem to look forward to camps as I use to.

Have to say the food the PD Methodist Centre is really fantastic though. It's like having good Chinese restaurant cooking for every meal. I guess if they upgrade the other facilities further, then it'll become a really popular camp venue.

Am seriously tired. Had to make a stop at the rest stop between PD and Seremban.

Came home and delighted to find my Streamyx connection finally working again after two weeks.

Glad to be home. Missed blogging. Have some pictures to upload.

Not now. Brain still not yet fully functional.


Annie said...

Your brain must have been ziplocked and stuck in the freezer too? Like ME's brain? LOL!

splash on some marinate and we'll spice up your life again. Blog blog blog... We knew you couldn't resist us for very long... we have worlds to conquer!

Firehorse said...

Will be waiting for those pictures :o)

m5lvin said...

I'm starting to wonder that there's actually nothing in ya mind except for F.O.O.D....hahahha

how was the camp?

the food was great...


eve said...

Dun rest too long wor..want to see pics...hehe

ChinkinIn said...

Camp. Reminds me of Army. Can the food actually be good? Amazing!

zeroimpact said...

Camps are nice, but then I guess in some of those days it just does not seem as appealing
I had lunch at a place called jom makan in PD yesterday, yummylicious

Jimbo said...

Oh, that's why we saw you turning in to the PD rest area. Thought u had some mega organic waste to unload! :-)

Terence said...

To chinkinin: As a matter of fact, there was an Army camp just behind our dorms.. joke.. :p

zewt said...

been a while since i have been to camps too, i guess the feelings are no longer the same. like u,i used to look forward to it. well, if you mind is even not there... why bother?

Lee Ping said...

Your mind probably was on blogging? Looking forward to seeing photos taken at Port Dickson. It has been more than 20 years since I went there.....

p/s I just saw your article with sky photos. Perhaps I mentioned to you before, I love starring at Malaysia sky. It is beautiful isn't it?

Jonzz said...

annie: Hmm, why is everyone talking about ziplock bags these days? ROFL.

fh: by the time you see my late comment, they are already up.

m5lvin: hey hey, food is ALWAYS on my mind. Ha ha

eve: sudah la, ha ha

chinkinin: church camps are not about tents and camp fires. they are about dorms and canteens. LOL and occasionally hotels.

zeroimpact: you also went to PD. Ooo.. got nice 'ho chien' there or not?

jimbo: yahor collected so much 'waste' at camp

terence: lol, he can see the pictures next.

zewt: obligations, i guess.

Lee Ping: yeah, especially from my house. It's cloud land according to LM