Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Collectors

Not long ago, I wrote about the frequent encounter with roadkill in Seremban.

Lately I've managed to observe certain people who take the trouble to remove them from the road.

Once I saw this person taking his evening walk. He walked past a dead cat on the road. Without hesitation, he just picked up the hardened body by it's legs and carried it off.

The other time, there was a dead dog in the middle of a main road. This motorcyclist just stops, covers his hand with a plastic bag and casually removes the carcass from the road.

Frankly, there is nothing in it for them. Other people just pass by, avoid the roadkill and hope for it to, I don't know, decompose, but these collectors just do it without reward or complaint.

There are still plenty of decent people in this world.


sengkor said...

i salute these ppl..

i cant bring myself to look at roadkill..

Wuching said...

thats their dinner for the night!

zeroimpact said...

I totally agree with you and these people should be given some credit
They not only help to make keep the place clean but prevents diseases as well while we just drive by and let it rot

Las montañas said...

No rot here.. plenty of crows to do the job.

Lee Ping said...


I think sometimes it is quite dangerous to stop and pick up carcases because of the high traffic. :)

eve said...

Aiyak..I have to admit..I wont do that esp if I was driving..But if I was walking and IF I have something with me , I might remove it from the road..not with my bare hands , I wont..

mott said...

Sorry ah...i am very afraid of dead animals. Already at home, I'm the ONLY one who is "brave" enough to throw away dead lizards/roaches.. i think my duty ends there.


poohbearee said...

Thank goodness u r not showing pics of these carcasses on your blog! :P

Jonzz said...

sengkor: Actually I can't really stand looking at them either. Feel kinda geli. OK, enought thinking about them.

wuching: Wah, don't joke like dat. That's a nice thing they do. Making a nice clean un-bloody road for the rest of us.

zeroimpact: I also feel guilty, but I feel geli. Frankly, the one who hit should be the one who removes it.

LM: Guess crows have their uses, after all, ha ha.

Lee Ping: Very true. It's a bit risk. The collector may become the roadkill instead.

eve: Well, mostly I see it's a motorcyclist and not a car driver.

mott: LOL, that's okay.

poohbearee: UGH... NO WAY!