Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm down with some weird sickness
I think I've caught it here
From that crazy stick-figure woman
June 15 in blogosphere

When I wake up in the morning
First thing I look at the clock
If still got extra time before work
I straight go check my blog

Bloghopping is my main exercise
As I run through my bloglink list
If there are few comments or replies
That day I'll feel kinda pissed

You know your blogvitis is malignant
When you activate that paparazzi within
Taking pictures of clouds and oven
Camwhoring with fertilizer and dustbin

High page hits make your day
The blog visitor, your best friend
But the day that Blogspot *gasp* crashes
My world will come to an end

Filling my blog with eye candy
Everything must look dang good
But the trademark of a blogvitis techie
Download must always be fast and smooth

Infected now by this horrible germ
My time is nearly done
I sneeze now at Jimbo and Poohbearie
Your turn for some epidemic fun


Lee Ping said...

The farewell lunch looks harmless. I can eat two plates of that yummy food in one meal.

p/s I decide to comment here quickly. I am really afraid of the scary face.

Have a great day Jonzz.

Lee Ping said...

....and I am filling your blog with eye candy.

eve said...

Hehe..thanks for not tagging me..*perasan*...tension oni..

Las montañas said...

epidemic.. what does your health minister have to say?

me said...

eh, monty, don't pura pura ok? when are you going to do yours?!?!

bravo, jonzz! *clap clap clap* very well done. i really enjoyed reading it. you are truly gifted in this rhyming thing. should start a new blog dedicated to rhyming all your emotions and thoughts.

however, i have serious concern over your health. infected june 15, june 29 only you get diagnosed! *shaking head gravely* sorry to let you know, but you are also down with the procrastination bug.

Las montañas said...

If jonzz has the procrastination bug, I think I got the "Me-tags-immunity" bug. :(

me said...

i'll keep infecting you monty, until you succumb to the disease, you lazy little boy!

Jonzz said...

[Lee Ping]: Lol, two plates.. hmm.. gotta see that. Don't get so freaked out by KK. (Whisper: "Personally I think he's a pushover") MUA HA HA HA

[eve]: So perasaan *Shake head*

[LM]: Not a clue. Not a clue.

[ME]: Procrastination is next to Saintliness and Patience.


[ME]: So evil. must get all the blog doctors to gang up on you!