Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pizza Disaster

The half pack of mozzarella from my last/first pizza bake was still sitting in the top shelf of my refrigerator, mocking me.

It's been almost two months already. So finally, unable to stand the idea of a pack of cheese moulding away in my fridge, I bought another batch of ingredients and 2 pizza bases for another baking spree. However, this time, I was unassisted by my two dear Aussie pals who are now in little old kay el.

Rushed home after work, I dropped by the mini market, grabbed some more ingredients and enthusiastically began my chopping spree. One huge Bombay onion, one garlic, one capsicum, two tomatoes, some olives, six sausages and some spring onions (hey, this was my guinea pigs *cough* friend's idea).

Phew... mission accomplished. There's something therapeutic about sprinkling topping on pizza. (Now you know I'm a certified kitchen nutcase). Tomato paste, toppings, toppings and finally the annoying pack of mozarella cheese.

Sniff... sniff... what's this smell?

Smelled like an old wash cloth that's not been dried.

*Searching memory* did it smell like this before?

Looks yellow enough.

After weighing the pros and cons, I gave the finishing cheese topping touch to the pizza and chucked the assembled works into the oven.

Tick.. tick.. tick... tick..

There's something very annoying about an oven timer. My instincts were still bugging me so I called my colleague and enquired about the preservability of cheese.

'What? You have to store cheese in the freezer once it is opened, if you are not going to use it for a long time!'

Uh oh... my friend had arrived and a potential biohazard was steaming away in my precious little oven.

Ding... the thirty minutes were up.

I told my friend about the impending disaster. Anyway, he tried a bit and said nonchalantly, 'It tastes funny'.

I put some cheese into my mouth. Ugh! The only thing that's worse tasting than this must be blue cheese.

My friend who must have a stomach of steel was still happily peeling the sausages away from the cheese. Finally I had to separate them.

Fortunately, I still had some cheddar cheese and a second base on standby.

Behold, the survivor. . .



winniethepooh said...

opps, suddenly I remembered my cheese sitting in the fridge too..nice smiley big pizza!

Las montañas said...

jonzz, the pizza is NOT perfect! redo!

eve said...

Yeah , redo and send them to us for sampling....kakakkaka

Applegal said...

Waaaaaa, your pizza looks overcrowded! Hahaha, must not waste space on a pizza. Nice drawing!

K.K. said...

wah, your pizza looks packed with supergigakiloCalorie. just by lookin at it makes me feel guilty already... lol!

742 said...

The smiley face... =.=

Jonzz said...

winniethepooh: Quick, finish it before it spoils!

LM: No more ingredients =(

eve: Address, please?

applegal: Yay, spoken like a true pizza lover.

k.k.: Pizza is NOT for fitness freaks, ha ha

742: Nice hor, lol!

Lee Ping said...


How could I have missed this lovely article? Your pizza is so cute. Yeah, cheese go moldy after the seal is broken. I have not tried storing cheese in freezer yet so that is a good tip to remember...

p/s Your pizza is crowded. Liao (toppings) in every bite!

Lee Ping said...

*burp* as well :D

mott said...


yo cheese....

I can't stop're just as bad as me..leaving cheese to mold...and then trying to cook it!

Hijackqueen said...

Even tho they won't turn bad in the freezer, prolong of doing so will make the cheese lost it's elasticity. Next time made pizza put a lot of cheese la so no need to think of storing them.

Jonzz said...

Lee Ping: Like my mom always say, the more the merrier, the more ingredients, the better!

mott: It wasn't intentional. I never used mozarella before!

hijackqueen: I like your idea! But it's fattening, ha ha ha ha