Thursday, June 7, 2007

Poohbearee's Two Word Meme

The moral of the story is never leave a funny comment on somebody's tag. You might end up receiving the baton.

Well, Poohbearee decided to enhance her one-word tag and tag me with a two word tag.


How naive. A two word tag is even easier than a one word tag. Just need some nice prefixes like 'Not' or 'Don't'. Anyway, here it is.

* Where is your cell phone? My pocket
* Relationship? What relationship?
* Your hair? Dyed brown
* Work? Routine stuff
* Your sister? No sister
* Your favorite thing? Personal computer
* Your dream last night? No dream
* Your favorite drink? Iced coffee
* Your dream car? I wonder
* The room you’re in? Cannot tell
* Your shoes? Wearing them
* Your fears? Dying painfully
* What do you want to be in 10 years? Peacefully contented
* Who did you hang out with this weekend? Close friend
* What you’re not good at? Tolerating lies
* Muffin? Chocolate chip
* One of your wish list items? Backpacking overseas
* Where you grew up? Seremban town
* The last thing you did? Press 'Enter'
* What are you wearing? Office clothes
* What aren’t you wearing? Women's clothes
* Your pet? Scooby Dooby
* Your computer? Dell PC
* Your life? Fairly good
* Your mood? Taggishly contemplative
* Missing? Old friends
* What are you thinking about right now? Dumb tag
* Your car? Four wheels
* Your kitchen? Big enough
* Your summer? What summer?
* Your favorite color? Navy blue
* When is the last time you laughed? Yesterday night
* Last time you cried? Don't remember
* School? St. Paul's
* Love? Still elusive


poohbearee said...

Naive? Who is naive? :P
Cannot tell which room you are in? U r in the toilet?
I still cant imagine u hv brown hair leh. I associate brown hair with ah bengs. Hmmm....

eve said...

Last thing you did : Press "Enter" funny la u..

Las montañas said...

pooh: jonzz's hair even bengs don't dare! its peroxide blond streaks!!

poohbearee said...

LM: Really??!!! I always think Jonzz is decent guy-nx-door looking. haha

K.K. said...

fullamiak, "Jonzz the Peroxide Blonde"!!! can almost qualify as villain in SpiderMan 4! im scared already... kekeke.

mott said...

mua hahahahaha...

"dumb tag"

mua hahahahahaha

FireHorse said...

Good to know you are not wearing women's clothes :P

Lee Ping said...

My fear as well. Die painfully.

Annie said...

You can't remember the last time you cried Jonzz? I thought it was when I smacked you really hard on the head or when I kicked you in the leg.

Very good moo moo by the way. :D

I'm going to try to do it with three words.

wuching said...

if i comment now do u pwomise not to tag me?

m5lvin said...

the room you're in? cannot tell....

that's funny..* can't tell coz you don't know which room you're in or you don't want ppl to know which room you're in..or you don't want ppl to know that you don't know which room you're in?


Jonzz said...

PB: Aiya, brown hair is so common!

eve: Heh, heh, but not original leh

LM: Trust you to come up with the scientific equivalent of dying hair, ROFL

PB: Still got such a type meh?


mott: *grin*

firehorse: Ah ha ha ha ha

lee ping: Ah, yes, that came after many years of contemplation before the tag came to be. =)

annie: Aiks, this is the first time i see people tagging themselves, ROFL

wuching: ROFL, NO!

m5lvin: And here I was thinking you were the psychology sifu. You tell me, HA HA HA

Lee Ping said...

But we are the blessed bunch because we have faith and when we are in our last moments, we can say a prayer and go in peace because we are going HOME.