Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Sunny Day (Updated 27/6/07)

Everyone arrives at different conclusions and philosophies based on their life journey. Today, I was speaking to a friend, Swe Jyan when I thought: Why not write some of them down?

The Meaning of Life.
Life is not meant to be analyzed so deeply
Not every little detail will make sense
After all, we are really not that smart
Life will have meaning
Once we embrace it and
Just start living it

Allowing your life to be carved out by others
Makes you not much better than a computer
You don't know how things might have been
Until you choose to take the step down that path
So stop second guessing yourself
Over the You you might have been

Mistakes and Regrets
We always punish ourselves more than necessary
When we make mistakes
There is a time to stop and move on
Mistakes are necessary
They make us wiser
But only when we choose to learn from them
But if you choose to look back all the time
There will always be reason to regret
Remember, regret is only a chain
Where it is you who is the captor.

This would make a most interesting tag, don't you think? ;D

On a lighter note, I was driving back to the office after lunch when I spotted this very shiny car in my housing area.

On closer inspection, I saw this.

I don't think the owner decided that tyres were redundant and replaced them with bricks, right?


winniethepooh said...

I hope whoever took those tyres did not use those tyres as swings on the trees!

kyels said...

I like what you have posted.


Those must have been scumbags who stole the tires.

Off topic; the Bvlgari ring costs around 1k++ CHF.

Jyannie said...

heh. My neighbour's car suffered the same fate. All 4 tyres were removed. And nowadays, they're 'kind' enough to put bricks in lieu of the tyres!! sweat...

K.K. said...

s'ban so dangerous meh? look like tmn blossom area. is dat where u stayin?

Lee Ping said...

"Mistakes are necessary
They make us wiser"

The more mistakes, the more mature we become and maturity only comes with time.

Did someone steal the tires?

p/s I am a little scared to leave comments here. The photo of the person before me is kind of scary looking.

Jonzz said...

[winniethepooh]: LOL, I'm pretty sure they didn't. (But then again, you never know.) Sports-rimmed swings... hmmm

[kyels]: He he, thanks. Yeah, they're real scumbags; they make money through other people's misfortune. 1K ring... ok, i suppose that must be the kind of prices for designer stuff.

[jyannie]: It's not kindness, it's to hold up the car while they still the rest of the tyres.

[k.k]: Wow, you're a pretty good guess. Close enough. As for dangerous, I think anywhere is dangerous. Malaysia's not that big. People move around easily.

[lee ping]:
I'm pretty sure they were stolen. No one would leave their nice new car in front of the house without tyres.
LOL, scary photo of KK. Definitely, that's taken from the movie 'Hannibal Rising'. I don't think he's a scary person. Sports maniac, maybe, ha ha ha

K.K. said...

jonzz:hehe... s'ban is not that big, ppl move around easily...


me said...

actually, i think the owner was so wary about people stealing his tyres....so he took them out and brought it along with him!

Lee Ping said...

My goodness, it is that scary face again. And it looks like he is your fan as well.

Jonzz said...

[me]: Are you one of those people?

[lee ping]: My fan?? Where got?