Monday, June 11, 2007

Memories are made of these...

Well, promised to show you the photoes, didn't I? Well, here they are in no particular order. Don't expect faces for now. Still not comfortable publishing faces to an unknown public (exempting my commentators, of course). If you want more people photos, head to Jimbo's blog.

Lovely clouds on a lovely day

This cloud looks porous

More lovely clouds

Who photographs the photographers? Me!

The tree in front of the men's dorm and army camp

A very striking hibiscus flower

Do you see the silver lining behind the cloud?

An adorable puppy named Gucci

The Camp Commander's favourite instrument

Got this little questionnaire of warsurfer's blog. You should do it if you're an IT geek, ha ha.


Terence said...

Hahaa... cool... Fellow Amiga has met friend, FreeBSD.. :P

nyonyapenang said...

i like Gucciiiiiii....

winniethepooh said...

Nice hibiscus flower :) I remembered in school, friends like to suck nectar from the hibiscus flower..

I like that 'camp commander's favourite instrument' hehehe..did camp commander ring that early in the morning before sunrise? :P when I look at bells, they always reminded me of wedding :P hehehe

poohbearee said...

Welcome back. Hope u r less tired now :)

Firehorse said...

Errr wat exactly are you giving away for free?

me said...

omigawd! dare i say's even cuter than scooby! kekeke.

eve said...

Awwwww..Gucci reminds me of my Maxie....same same colour somemore..huarrghhhhhhhhh..

zeroimpact said...

Nice picture and a very cute doggie
Hope you rested well
And I'm Palm OS
Heh heh heh

Annie said...

Gucci and Scooby sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G
First came love, then came marriage.

ok.. you know the rest.

You must be in Heaven.. all the clouds... where's the smog?

and we're not "public".. we're BLOGGERS! lol!

Annie said...

Well, I just returned from Jimbo's blog and unless you've turned into a big flower, I didn't see you.. so rest assured, you're still anonymous. LOL!

mott said...

hahahah...what an expensive name!

i like that bell. very much! I shud install it in my home!

ding! dong! ding! wakey wakey!

Jonzz said...

Terence: You obsolete liao lo!

nyonyapenang: Cute hor!

winniethepooh: How to suck hibiscus nectar?

PB: ugh, more tired actually


ME: It's the truth. And as for Scooby, he's a dog, what does he know, ROFL

eve: why you huarggh?

zeroimpact: i want to see the results of PalmOS

Annie: you say the craziest things. Hmm, i don't mind having a Scooby + Gucci junior.

mott: What expensive name?